Your launch plan for a January Cleanse or Detox (timeline inside)

Have you thought about launching a cleanse or detox lately? We all know that January is the time of year when people make a commitment to healthier habits. This is good news for you, because it means that your potential clients will be ready and motivated to enroll in some type of program or experience with you.

January is the perfect time to offer a group cleanse or detox.

Why do I recommend offering a cleanse or detox?

If you have a newsletter list, even a small one, offering a virtual group program such as a 7-day cleanse or detox is an effective way to generate more income and interest in your private coaching.

Also, cleanses and detoxes are usually offered at a low price point, which makes it easy for people to say “yes.”  Once they start feeling better and get a taste of what it is like to work with you, many will be ready for more.

While it is just the end of October, you want to start planning now for a January launch.

You might be wondering what you should be focusing on when, to successfully launch a cleanse or detox. Have no fear; I’ve got you covered!

I’ve put a timeline together for you, to help you plan for a low-stress, profitable launch in January.  (Note that this timeline does not include a preview call or an affiliate program. I’ve kept this simple to keep you out of overwhelm.)

November 1-15th

  • Determine what you are going to offer
  • Determine length of program, name of program, and pricing

Nov 16-30th

  • Write your sales page copy
  • Write the welcome email participants receive when they register

December 1-15th

  • Create the product/payment button in PayPal or shopping cart
  • Have your sales page built
  • Set-up welcome email as an autoresponder in your email marketing system or shopping cart

Dec 16-31st

  • Write a series of 6-7 emails promoting your program to your list and schedule them in your email marketing system (such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or 1ShoppingCart)
  • Write social media posts to promote your program
  • Start to “seed” or hint about your offer

Jan 1-14th

  • Promotion of program
  • Create the content for the program, including protocols, recipes, handouts, and an outline or script for a teleseminar (if you are including a “kick off” or “wrap-up call”)
  • Schedule the teleseminar, if you are planning to include one
  • Have a password protected “members” page created where participants can access the materials and any call recordings

January 14th is launch time! This will give you 2 weeks to promote the program after the holidays have ended.

If you want help with the technical or creative aspects, you might want to check out our Cleanse or Detox Launch Solution.


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