Favorite Teleseminar Service

One of the questions clients frequently ask me is “what teleseminar service do you recommend?”

There are so many services available that it can feel overwhelming to choose one. Today I want to get you out of overwhelm by sharing my favorite free service and my favorite fee service.
If you are just starting out and don’t often offer teleseminars, then going with a free service will probably work perfectly for you.


My favorite free teleseminar service, at the moment, is FreeConferencing.com

There are a number of reasons I prefer this service:
  • The maximum number of callers is 1,000!  Many free services limit your number of callers to 150.
  • There is a wonderful web-interface that you can use during the calls to moderate Q & A. This allows you to unmute one person at a time.
  • When you record calls, they generate a URL that you can send out with the replay. (This is not ideal for sending out replays to your whole list because it won’t have your branding, but it’s great if you record coaching calls and want to send the recording to your clients.)
As I mentioned earlier, for many this free teleseminar service will work perfectly.

But if you want your calls to be branded and want additional functionality, I recommend Instant Teleseminar

Here’s what I love about Instant Teleseminar:
  • You can easily create custom branded web pages for your calls.
  • You can include a Q & A form on the web page for the call. This can be used to have people submit questions before, during, and even after the call.
  • You can include a call to action button on the web page. This works well when you’re giving a free preview call to promote a program.  You can use the call to action button and have it link to your sales page.
  • You can record a call and then have it play later as if it is live. Want to have a call at  7pm but don’t want to work in the evening? No problem, record your call in the morning and set it up to replay later in the day.
  • When you record a call, you can immediately generate a web page that has the replay available. And, you can select whether you want people to be able to download the recording or just replay it.
  • Instant Teleseminar generates code that you can use to add an audio player to a page on your site. (This is very useful if you offer a free preview call and then want to add the audio to your sales page.)
  • They have a backup recording of all of your calls. If you forget to record a call, you can simply ask Instant Teleseminar for the backup.
  • You can set a password for calls to insure that only people registered for your program are able to access the call.
  • They offer a 21 day trial for just $1. I love that my clients can try out the service and see if they like it before making a financial investment.
There you have it!  My two favorite teleseminar services, at the moment. 
If you are thinking about offering a teleseminar, take a look at these two services, choose one, and then set a date and make it happen!

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