Do This Before You Launch Your Next Program

I recently had a strategy call with a client and we were discussing the launch of her first virtual  program. Since she has built a loyal following in her local area and is successful at filling her private practice, she wants to leverage her time by creating a virtual program.


During our call she shared her ideas of what she would like to cover in the program. She was envisioning a 6-week virtual program and had a ton of ideas for the curriculum.


With my marketing strategist hat on, I asked her, “What does your list – your audience – most want help with?”

At first, she said “more energy, weight loss, to be healthier.” The more we talked, the more she and I realized that she wasn’t completely clear about what her audience most wants help with.


What do you do when you want to create a virtual program that is EXACTLY what your audience wants?


Ask them!

If you don’t ask your audience what they want, you risk putting a lot of time and money creating a virtual program that doesn’t sell.

Note: Even if you have a fairly good idea of what your audience wants help with, I strongly encourage you to ask them so you can find out specifically how they describe…

  • what they want help with
  • what they are struggling with
  • what they want to be different (results they are looking for)

There are various ways to ask, but my favorite is a survey.

Here’s why I love surveys.

1. They are easy, time-efficient, and free.

2. Surveys create curiosity. When you send out a survey and tell your list that you are creating a new virtual program, they get curious. It is a way to “seed” your offer before you even know what your offer is. Then, when your launch your program, your list will be poised to sign-up.

3. You can quickly see what topics people are most interested in.

4. You can have a combination of open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions. (I recommend using both.)

5. You can use the respondents’ exact words in your marketing. This makes your marketing compelling because you are “speaking their language.” Your audience will be attracted to your offering because they can feel that you are speaking directly to them.


Want to know what questions to ask in your survey and how to get people to respond to your survey?

Stay tuned, because I will be answering these questions next week.


Have other questions you want me to answer regarding a virtual program?

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