How To Get Testimonials For Your Sales Page (Script Inside)

Want to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sales pages?

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, a sales page is a webpage where you promote a program you are offering. Sales pages typically link to a checkout page where people can register and pay for your program.

How can you increase the effectiveness of your sales pages?

Include results-oriented testimonials (also called success stories).

If you are running a program for the first time, you can include testimonials from private clients or from people who participated in one of your other programs. You can also ask a couple of people to preview your program and write something up for you before you launch your new program.

What is the best way to ask for a testimonial?

The easiest way to capture testimonials is to ask for them when a client communicates their positive results to you.

They might share their good news and excitement during a coaching call with you, in an email, or on a forum for your program.

When that happens, take note, and use the following script in a follow-up email:

Thank you for letting me know what’s been going on. This is fantastic news! Your experience and results are very inspiring.

Would you be willing to write a short testimonial? I could also put something together using your email below.

If you are willing, please share what you were struggling with before starting this program. “Before working with (your name here) I ….” And then share what results or transformation you experienced. “Through working with (your name here) I ….”

In short, share what you would tell someone who was considering investing in this program.

I would love to have a photo of you to include with the testimonial. This makes it much more real for folks. (It doesn’t have to be the perfect photo, and I can crop if need-be.)

Note: You can also tweak this script and send it out to clients when they wrap up one of your programs.

Don’t be shy about asking for testimonials. They are likely all around you!

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