Simple Emails Series (You Can Use With
Any Launch)

A simple email series you can use for ANY launch | Marketing For Health Coaches

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to effectively promoting your services and programs via email?

It’s painful staring at a blank computer screen, feeling completely unsure of what to type. I know, because I’ve been there!

Early on in my business, I wondered how I could promote my programs, without being “pushy” and “salesy.” I wasn’t clear about how to motivate people to take action, while keeping my “down to earth” style.

There were so many times, I thought “I wish there was an outline I could follow.”

If you feel the same way, then you’re in luck.

Today, I’m going to share…

  • how many emails you should send (when you’re promoting a program)
  • when you should send them out
  • and specifics on what to write in your emails – including a sample outline for an email series that you can use for any launch!

A Simple Email Series You Can Use For Any Launch | Marketing For Health Coaches

How many emails should you send?

When you’re promoting a program, I suggest sending out 5-6 promotional emails. I know it may feel like a lot, especially if you’re not used to promoting, but if you want to motivate people to take action, it’s important that you send several emails.

By sending out 5-6 emails, you’re able to reach people at different times of the day and week. And, each email serves as a reminder to your list about your upcoming program. We are all busy and need reminders!

I realize that you may be concerned about turning people off when you send promotional emails. Thoughts may come up such as…“What will people think of me? Will my audience hate me?”

I used to have those same fears, but here’s the thing to remember: The people who are following you and are on your list are interested in what you have to offer. While they won’t ALL buy from you right now, they want to hear what you’re offering.

What should you include in your emails?

The most important thing is to craft the emails so they speak to your ideal clients and address their pain points and the results they’re looking for.

While it’s tempting to want to use general language so you appeal to everyone, you actually want to be as specific and narrow as possible.

For example, if your program targets people with a thyroid imbalance, you’ll want to explain how your program is designed specifically for them. You want to speak about the specific things this target market is struggling with, and be clear about how (and why) this will help them.

When writing your emails, you don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over again in each email. Instead, have each email take a different angle (more on this below). This works great because people are motivated by different things.

When should you send your emails?

I recommend that you start sending your emails out 2 weeks before your program starts. If you’re promoting private coaching, where there’s no start date, you can start sending the emails out at any time.

If you’re offering early bird pricing the first week of promotion (which I highly recommend), then you’ll want to send out 4 emails in that first week. You’ll find that most of your sales will happen in that first week of promotion, so you want to send more emails during this time.

You may be wondering what should you include in all these emails, so I want to give you sample outline for an email series.

Sample outline for an email series you can use for ANY launch.

Email #1: Announce the program and make a time sensitive offer. Share a personal story that relates to why you created the program, who it is for, and what results they will experience.

Email #2: Share why they will experience results on THIS program even though they haven’t experienced lasting results with other programs. Share what makes the program unique.

Email #3: Answer common questions/objections. This is best done in a Q & A format. If applicable, remind them that early bird pricing is ending soon!

Email #4: Share a client’s transformational success story. This will demonstrate that you’ve got the goods and that your program works. If applicable, remind them that early bird pricing ends today/tonight!

Email #5: Give them an inside look at your program. If you’re offering a cleanse or detox, you could share a sample menu for one day, so they get a sense of how delicious the food will be!

Email #6: Short & sweet last call email. We are all busy and need reminders!

Writing emails for a launch doesn’t have to be complicated or painful – especially when you have an outline to follow. And, once you get in the zone where you can think like your ideal clients, it can be fun and easy.

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Do you have concerns about promoting to your list? How many promotional emails do you typically send out? Share your thoughts and questions below so I can support you.

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