Low-Cost Shopping Cart Alternatives

If you are just starting your business, you may be using PayPal to process transactions but wonder if using a higher-end shopping cart would streamline the registration process and save time.

If you have been in business for a while, you may be using a shopping cart solution, such as 1shoppingcart.com, but wonder if spending $100+ per month for this service is worth it.


PayPal is a wonderful option if you:

  • mostly offer private coaching
  • have a small number of “group programs” throughout the year
  • Use Aweber or MailChimp for email marketing (they integrate with PayPal)
  • do not have a need for an affiliate program

1ShoppingCart is great option if you:

  • offer several programs or products throughout the year
  • have (or want to have) a large, and more complex affiliate program
  • are bringing in over $100,000 in revenue

What if you are somewhere in the middle?

If your coaching business is getting busier and you want to….

  • offer an affiliate program
  • have your clients receive an automated welcome message (also known as an auto-responder) after they purchase with access to materials, call-in information, etc.
  • and be able to easily email everyone who purchased a specific program or product,

then I recommend you look into a low-cost shopping cart service
called E-junkie.

E-junkie is not as robust as 1shoppingcart, but it is a great solution for many people and only costs $5/month for 10 products.

There are some drawbacks to E-junkie.

1) E-junkie tracks all purchases from affiliates, but it does not track affiliate clicks. For most people this is not a huge drawback, but it is something to consider.

2) E-junkie does not support multi-pay options (2-pay, 3-pay, etc.) If you are offering a higher-priced program and you want your clients to be able to break up their payments, E-junkie is not the right solution for you.

(Full-disclosure, the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you click on the link and purchase the service. I only share affiliate links for products or programs that I use and recommend.)

In the past, you would have had to invest $249/month with 1shoppingcart‘s “Ultimate” package which includes affiliate management. Now you can get streamline the purchase process and create an affiliate program for $5/month.

Imagine how adding an affiliate program could boost your sales. And, imagine what you could do with the time you save by automating the registration process. (Think, no more copying and pasting emails and sending materials out manually!)


Have questions about technology and which shopping cart tools are best for you?

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