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How to make your website more effective

Do you ever wonder if your website is structured in a way that attracts clients and builds your list? If you don’t yet have a website, you may be wondering where to start. Discover how to effectively structure your website so that it supports your business goals of attracting clients, building your list, and increasing your revenue.
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How to get people to your squeeze page, so you can build your list

Last week, we dived into the topic of how to build your list while marketing your program. I love this strategy because it allows you to work on two of your primary goals at the same time. How’s that for …
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How to set-up Google Analytics in 5 mins

Last week, I shared how to use Google Analytics to help you make more money. I shared that once you have Google Analaytics set-up on your website, you’ll be able to pull back the curtain and see exactly what’s happening …
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What are visitors doing on your website? (Find out..)

You built a website and it looks good, but do you know if it’s working for you? Are you getting people to your site?  And once people go to your site, are they taking the actions you want them to …
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8 ways to promote your free gift …
so you can build your list

Do you have a free gift on your website, or are you thinking about creating a free gift? The purpose of your free gift is to build a list of ideal clients, and then to build “know, like, and trust” …
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Do you need a squeeze page (if you want to build your list)?

As I shared a few weeks ago, a squeeze page, also sometimes called a “single purpose website,” is a page where you promote something free that you are offering. A squeeze page includes what is called an “opt-in box” where …
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Sales page, squeeze page, landing page –
what’s the difference?

When you decided to become a health coach or wellness professional, did you ever imagine you would need to learn terms like “sales page,” “opt-in page,” “landing page,” or “squeeze page”? When we talk about online marketing, do you ever …
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7 Components Every Sales Page Should Have

Does the thought of writing a sales page put you into overwhelm mode? Do you worry that you are going to leave out a critical section that will result in fewer people signing up for your program? Don’t worry. I’ve …
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7 ways to turn your website a list-building machine

One of the main goals of your website should be to build your list. Once people join your list, you have the opportunity to build trust and promote your offerings. Is your current website effectively helping you build your list? …
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