How to get people to your squeeze page, so you can build your list

Last week, we dived into the topic of how to build your list while marketing your program.

I love this strategy because it allows you to work on two of your primary goals at the same time. How’s that for maximizing your time, energy, and money?

Last week I shared how, if you want to build your list, you always want to start with something free.  Then, we went over different types of free gifts and how you can re-purpose the pre-written content from your program (or our Done-for-You Fall Cleanse/Detox Solutions) to build your list. This will allow you to quickly create a free gift.

Now the burning question is, how can you get people to your squeeze page that promotes your freebie?

You can have an amazing free gift, but if no one knows about it, it won’t help you build your business.

Today, I’m going to share 7 ways to promote your freebie and get people to your squeeze page, so you can build your list.

These strategies are all about getting people who don’t already know about you, to your squeeze page.  This is how you’ll be able to expand your reach.

#1 Promotional Partners

Make a list of colleagues you know (and don’t know), who have the same target market as you and offer a complimentary service.  Reach out to them and discuss how you can support each other.

Typically, in these cases, you will each agree to promote each other’s freebie to your lista.  This is great because you’re getting in front of a whole list of people who likely don’t know you.

#2 Affiliates

This is a bit of a more advanced strategy, but it can work regardless of how long you’ve been in business. Affiliates are people who agree to promote your stuff, and in exchange, you pay them a commission on any sales that come from their referrals. You’ll need to use affiliate tracking technology for this.

Promotional partners, discussed above, can be affiliates.  Past and current clients also make great affiliates because they are likely connected to your ideal clients and they can speak to the value of your content and programs.

Once you have affiliates lined up, ask them to promote your freebie.

#3 Social Media

Promote your freebie, including a link to your squeeze page, on your social media platforms.  I recommend you do this on your business page, if you have one, and in any groups you’re a part of.  Once is not enough. You’ll want to post several times.

#4 Facebook Ads

Run Facebook Ads that promote your freebie.  Target your ads, so that you’re reaching people who are most likely to be interested in your freebie and your program.

#5 Ask your subscribers to share

As people are opting in to your freebie, ask them to share it with others. You can do this by placing a share button on the thank you page people get to after they opt-in for your free gift.  Another option is to include a click to tweet link in the follow-up email you send to people after they opt-in to your free gift.

#6 Pay With a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is an interesting service that allows you to “sell” your freebie for the cost of a tweet or Facebook post.  With this strategy, you can promote your freebie on your website or to your list and give the opportunity to pay with a tweet.  Once they tweet or post, they get access to your content.

#7 Your Website

People who visit your website aren’t necessarily on your list, but we want to maximize the number of website visitors who join your list.  Promote you freebie prominently on your home page and other pages that are the most common entry points.

Now let’s talk timing…

It’s completely possible to build your list while marketing your program, but you’ll want to allow more time to get your ducks in a row.  I’ve created a timeline that you can follow, to help you plan ahead and determine what actions to take, and in what order.


Recruit promotional partners and/or affiliates. 8 weeks before your program starts.
Create your freebie and squeeze page. (Remember you can pull from your program content.) 6 weeks before your program starts
Promote your freebie using the strategies above, or have your promotional partners or affiliates promote your freebie 10-14 days before you start promoting your program, and continue this until the day you start promoting your program.
Send out a series of 5-6 promotional emails to your list. Start 2 weeks before your program starts and send emails up until the program start date.


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Have questions about how to build your list while marketing your program?
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