Do you need a squeeze page (if you want to build your list)?

As I shared a few weeks ago, a squeeze page, also sometimes called a “single purpose website,” is a page where you promote something free that you are offering.

A squeeze page includes what is called an “opt-in box” where people can enter their name and email in exchange for your free stuff.

You’ve likely heard that you SHOULD have a squeeze page, but you might be wondering if you really NEED one.

I felt confused and conflicted about squeeze pages for a long time too.

Now that I understand how to use squeeze pages, my hope is to pass that clarity on to you, so you can be more effective with your marketing.

Do you need to have a squeeze page?

If you want to build your list, I believe that you do need a squeeze page that promotes your free gift.

Here’s why…

Unlike the pages on your main website, squeeze pages do not include navigation to the other pages on your site. And, all the text on the squeeze page is focused on promoting your free gift – nothing else.

This will keep your audience focused on the specific offer you are making.

Typically, squeeze pages that promote free gifts are built on their own domain such as our squeeze page,  A simple URL like this makes it easy for you to say –  and for people to type in.

How NOT to use a squeeze page.

As a coach, I don’t recommend that you use a squeeze page as the front door or home page of your website.

While you will use the squeeze page for all of your list building activities, you also want to have a home page where people can opt-in for your free gift AND learn more about you and how to work with you.

You’re likely working hard to spread the word about your business and the work you do. Having an effective squeeze page is a crucial component to leveraging many of your marketing efforts.

Want to know how and when to use a squeeze page?

Stay tuned because next week I am going to share how you can use your squeeze page to promote your free gift and build your list.


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