7 ways to turn your website a list-building machine

One of the main goals of your website should be to build your list.

Once people join your list, you have the opportunity to build trust and promote your offerings.

Is your current website effectively helping you build your list?

There are likely list building opportunities that you are missing out on.

Today, I am going to share 7 specific places to add opt-in boxes to your website, so you can convert more of your website visitors into subscribers.

1. Home Page

On your home page, you ideally want to prominently promote a free gift. I recommend placing it below your banner and navigation, so it can’t be missed.

2. About Page

About pages are typically the second most popular page on your website. We want to take advantage of that.

Somewhere in the middle of the page, include a plug for your weekly or bi‑weekly emails and include an opt-in box. You’ll want to “sell” it by sharing what people will receive when they opt-in.

Here’s what I have on my about page:

In my weekly emails, I break my favorite product launch, copywriting, list building, and search engine optimization strategies into simple, actionable steps that can help you grow your online business. Sound interesting? Make sure you’re a subscriber – it’s FREE.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

3. Free Updates Page

Add a “free updates” page to your main navigation. The sole purpose of this page is to build your list.

Rather than promoting your free gift, use this page to promote your free weekly or bi-weekly emails. For some people, this will be more compelling than your free gift.

The text on this page should be brief and can be similar to the “plug” that you include on your about page.

4. Sidebar on your blog

A sidebar is just the smaller right or left-hand column on a page. At the top of the sidebar on your blog, promote your free gift and include an opt-in box.

5. End of each blog post

People who read your blog posts are clearly engaged in your content and are likely ideal clients.  You want to take advantage of this!

As I shared in a recent blog post, I recommend that you set-up your blog so that an opt-in box immediately appears at the end of each blog post.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for an example of how I’ve done this.

6. Contact page

Take a simple contact page and get it to “work” for you!

Like on the About and Free Updates pages, include a simple plug for your free weekly or bi-weekly emails and include an opt-in box.

7. Lightbox

You’ve likely heard me sing the praises of lightboxes in the past. I recommend that you set-up a lightbox or pop up on all pages (except your home page, sales page, or squeeze pages) that promotes your free gift and includes an opt-in box.


Now you have a specific plan for how to turn your health coaching website into a list building machine.

Do you want a website that is both beautiful and effective at helping you grow your business?

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