What to say during a preview call (to effectively sell your program)

If you are planning to launch a program in the next couple of months, you might offer a free preview call/teleseminar.

A preview call is a content-rich call, at the end of which, you invite participants to participate in an upcoming program.

This is a great way for people to check you out and see if they like your style and what you teach.

And, this is a great way for you to educate your audience and motivate them to take action by enrolling in your program.


There is an art to delivering an effective preview call.

In today’s article, I share what to say during a preview call to effectively sell your program.

It’s likely easier than you think, and I am excited to share this with you.

3 Steps to Delivering an Effective Preview Call

1. Position the offer

Towards the beginning of the call, you will want to position the offer you are going to make at the end.

Here’s an exact script you can use.

“It’s my commitment to give you everything I can in the time we have together. With the strategies I am sharing, you will be able to get started right away, so you can start to see INSTANT results.

Now, I know some of you may have additional questions or want learn more about [insert your topic]. So for those of you who want to go further, I’ll show you how later in the call.”

These words are very powerful, because they set the stage for the invitation you will make at the end of the call. Your audience won’t be surprised when you make your invitation. In fact, you are peaking their curiosity and they will be expecting it.


2. Give valuable content, but not too much.

You might be concerned that if you give too much content, your audience will get what they need from the free call and won’t feel the need to enroll in your program.

While this can certainly happen, if you pack your call with too much content, your audience will leave feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. We all want to work with mentors who reduce our stress and give us simple step-by-step systems. Keep this in mind when creating your content.

Your content should be valuable and share new concepts that generate “aha” moments for your participants. This will position you as an expert and someone they will want to learn from and work with.


3. Carefully craft your teaching points so they motivate


When writing the content of your preview call, educate your participants on the why and the how.

What do I mean by this?

If you are offering a sugar detox, you might have one teaching point that explains that the first step for anyone who wants to lose weight and have more energy is to detox from sugar. You would want to explain WHY this is the first step and what happens once someone detoxes from sugar.

You’re not telling them exactly how to detox or giving them a menu with recipes. But you are educating them about the power of detoxing from sugar. Then, when you offer your sugar detox, your audience will already be sold on the concept.


Your Action Step: If you are planning to launch a program in the next couple of months, start to map out the topic and content for a preview call. Share your ideas and questions below so your colleagues and I can give you feedback.


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