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Is it a good idea to just offer group programs?

Are you interested in a business model where you just offer group programs and skip working one-on-one with clients? There are many reasons this may be attractive to you. You might… have another job and need to leverage your time. …
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How To Create A Powerful Name For Your Cleanse

Have you ever wondered what to call your programs? Is it best to go with something straightforward, or to come up with something unique? Does the name really matter? Today, I am going to share my take on naming your …
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How to stand out when everyone is offering a cleanse/detox

Does is seem like all the health coaches you know are offering a cleanse or detox? Are you interested in offering a cleanse or detox, but want to offer something unique that will stand out? I know that you have …
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What’s the best length for a detox or cleanse –
7, 14 or 21 days?

When you think about offering a cleanse or detox, one of the questions that may come to mind is “how long should the cleanse or detox be?” This is an important decision because it will impact 3 things. How many …
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Is there a “good” time to launch a program?

Last week I was having a strategy call with a client who is planning to offer a detox sometime in the coming months. She asked me a question I hear often, which is, “is June a good time to launch?” …
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