Is it a good idea to just offer group programs?

Are you interested in a business model where you just offer group programs and skip working one-on-one with clients?

There are many reasons this may be attractive to you.

You might…

have another job and need to leverage your time.

have young children and have limited time for 1:1 sessions.

believe in the power of groups.

find that you simply don’t enjoy working with clients 1:1, but love the group dynamic.

These are all great reasons to build a business focused on offering group programs.

If you are going to exclusively offer group programs, I want to make sure you’re set up for success.

If you haven’t worked with private clients, you’re skipping a critical step.

I believe that working with clients 1:1 will give you invaluable experience for creating and delivering a powerful group program.

Through working with clients 1:1 you will learn what your ideal clients want and need.  And, it’s through the process of working with clients privately that you’ll be able to fine tune your programs and be clear about what you want to deliver in a group.

Let me share how this has worked for me…

When I started Marketing for Health Coaches (at the time it had a different name), I only worked 1:1 with clients.

Most of the clients I worked with wanted support launching group programs, and most of them were cleanses and detoxes. This became an area of expertise for my team and I.

I was able to create systems, templates, check lists, and timelines.  I used these systems with clients, tested them, and fine-tuned them to make them even more effective.

I became an expert at how to launch a program successfully and seamlessly.

It was only through the experience of working with 1:1 clients, that I had a vision for developing our seasonal Cleanse & Detox Solutions – which gives our clients everything they need to market and lead their program with ease.

If I hadn’t worked with 1:1 clients, I never would have come up with the idea to offer a Cleanse & Detox Solution. I also wouldn’t have been able to create a powerful program.

Working with clients 1:1 gave me the knowledge and insight  that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

What does this mean for you?

If your long term plan is to only offer group programs, think about working with clients 1:1 as market research and training that will help ensure your success.  I promise it will pay off.

What business model are you interested in?

Would you like to exclusively offer group programs, or make this a larger part of your business? Or are you more interested in private coaching?  Share your thoughts and questions below so I can support you.

No matter your business model, would you like to generate more interest in your programs?

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