How to stand out when everyone is offering a cleanse/detox

Does is seem like all the health coaches you know are offering a cleanse or detox?

Are you interested in offering a cleanse or detox, but want to offer something unique that will stand out?

I know that you have something unique to offer, and a cleanse or detox is simply the format for a short program where you can draw upon your unique passion, knowledge, and skills as a coach.


Today, I am going to share how you can tap into your unique skills and passions, to create a cleanse/detox that stands out.

1. Determine a niche for your program

Whether or not you have identified a niche for your business, you can still have a niche for your cleanse/detox.

Determine who you want to serve and what pain point you want the program to focus on.

For example: You could serve women who are trying to conceive and have the cleanse/detox focus on fertility.

2. Name your cleanse/detox

Using your chosen niche for inspiration, come up with a name for your cleanse/detox that makes it clear who this is for and what problem it solves.

If we stick with the fertility example, you could name the program “Optimize Your Fertility in 21 Days.”

3. Communicate the niche in your marketing

When you market your program, have your promotional emails, social media posts, and sales page copy clearly convey who this program is for and how it will help them.

4.  Tweak the content

If you are using a done-for-you cleanse/detox program, like our Complete Fall Cleanse/Detox Solution, tweak the content so it works for your niche.

You can easily do this by:

  • making simple changes to the recipes and menu plan
  • adding in specific supplements or herbs that will support your participants
  • adding in targeted lifestyle practices such as meditation, specific yoga poses, mantras, using a tongue scraper, etc.


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