Feel Good Marketing (a new approach for 2013)

Today I want to talk about one of the most powerful ways to ensure that your business is successful in 2013.

It is all about feel good marketing.

If you ever feel like you’re avoiding marketing, dislike writing promotional copy, writing newsletters, networking, or speaking, then this article is for you.

Why do we avoid or dislike marketing?

Do you shy away from marketing activities because they feel “salesy” or inauthentic? This happens when we try a cookie cutter approach to marketing. If you copy what a colleague is doing or an exact formula, you will feel detached from your marketing and it will feel icky.

When I was a health coach, I was so concerned about doing everything I was “supposed” to be doing, that I didn’t allow my marketing to become authentic.  I was simply trying to check things off my list. For a period of time, this kept me very busy, but I wasn’t getting the return on my investment of time and energy.


Feel good marketing vs. cookie cutter marketing

Feel good marketing is about engaging in marketing that feels pleasurable and heart-felt. Cookie cutter marketing feels forced and puts us out of our comfort zone.

Because cookie cutter marketing is about following an exact formula, it doesn’t allow you to share your unique voice and message.


Why feel good marketing works:

  1. When you enjoy an activity, you are more likely to do it. Marketing is vital for the growth of your business.
  2. When you employ feel good marketing, you will naturally be able to tap into what makes you unique.
  3. When your marketing comes from your heart, your audience will sense this and will be attracted to you.

Your 2013 Marketing Plan:
Combine best practices with feel good marketing

As you think about feel good marketing, you might be tempted to reason your way out of certain types of marketing because they don’t feel pleasurable.

For example, if you don’t like networking, you might say to yourself, “networking feels salesy, so I am going to stop networking.”

As you employ feel good marketing, find a way to use proven strategies in a way that feels authentic.

Using networking as an example, I’d like to invite you to figure out how you can network in a way that feels good. Think about where you are networking, who you are connecting with, and what you are sharing with people who want to learn more about what you do. What can you adjust to make this more pleasurable?


How you can employ feel good marketing right away.

Step 1: Tap into what makes you unique. What is it about you that gets clients great results? What do they love about you and find most valuable?

Step 2: Get clear about who you love to work with and what problems you feel most passionate about helping them with.

Step 3: With your answers to step 1 and step 2, brainstorm specifically how you can connect with and help more people.

  • Is there a free gift you can create?
  • Is there a workshop you can give?
  • Is there a program you can create?
  • Are there articles or blog posts you can write?
  • Are there groups you can network at?

Your Action Step:  After you have completed steps 1-3 above, share one specific way that you plan to connect with and help more people. Post your ideas and questions below so I can support you.

Want support creating a clear strategy that not only taps into “best practices,” but also feels authentic? It would be my pleasure to help you create a feel good marketing plan for 2013. It would be my pleasure to help you create a plan. Click here to schedule a complimentary strategy call with me, where we will zero in on the first two marketing strategies you should focus on and how you can make your marketing and your message feel more authentic.

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