Copywriting trick (this will make writing a breeze)

As you approach the new year, have you been thinking about how often you communicate with your list of subscribers?

If you’re a new health coach, you may not have a list, or you may have a small list but are waiting for the “perfect” time to start sending out a newsletter.

Whether you are a new or established health coach, if you aren’t consistent with sending out your newsletter at least bi-weekly, it may be because writing your newsletter feels like a huge effort.

Today I want to get you out of newsletter overwhelm and share a copywriting secret that will make writing your newsletter a breeze. It will also attract your ideal clients.

One of the questions I often get asked about newsletters and ezines is “what should I write about?”

Write about the topics that perspective and current clients are asking you about.

Throughout the week, as you are speaking to clients, keep a running list of topics.

If you haven’t made a list of topics, and the day for you to write your newsletter has arrived, simply go through your calendar from the last week to jog your memory of who you talked to and what was coming up for them.

This copywriting strategy works like a charm for three reasons:

#1 List making eliminates resistance

Once you know what you’re going to write about, you will find that you generally have less resistance to writing your newsletter. In fact, you will be excited to share strategies and information with your list.

#2 You will be able to write more quickly

Using this strategy, you will be writing about a topic that you recently spoke with a client about. Your thoughts will be fresh in your head and you will simply need to type them up.

#3 You will attract ideal clients more easily

Because you will be writing about topics that come up with perspective and current clients, you can feel confident that your content is what your ideal clients care about. They will come to see you as an expert in the areas they want support.


What should you do if you haven’t started working with clients?

Here are a few ideas of how to generate topics:

  • Draw from your own life and think about what has been coming up for you.
  • Post a question such as “what questions do you have about nutrition?” on Facebook.
  • Make a list of questions you get asked by friends, family, co-workers when they learn that you have training in health and nutrition.

Your Action Step:  Make a decision of how often you will send out your newsletter, when you will send your next newsletter out, and three topics you can write about.  When you share your intentions with someone, they are much more likely to stick. Share your decisions and questions below so we can support you.

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