5 Mistakes I Don’t Want You To Make (With Your Free Opt-in Gift)

As a coach, I am sure you have heard that you should offer a free opt-in gift to entice people to sign-up for your newsletter or email list.

These days, the message of “join my list” or “receive my free newsletter” is simply not compelling enough.


This week I am sharing 5 mistakes I don’t want you to make with your free opt-in gift.


You’ll find this helpful even if you’re in the planning stages of creating a free gift.


Mistake #1: Your free offer does not relate to a problem or need that your ideal clients are experiencing.

This tends to happen when gifts are very general, such as “5 Steps to Improving Your Health.” This type of gift isn’t as compelling as one that solves a very specific problem or answers a specific question most of your ideal clients have.


Mistake #2: You don’t fully explain how your free gift will specifically help them.

Let’s say, for example, that your free gift is a 3 Day Detox. If you simply list the title of the free gift, you’re missing a big opportunity to “sell” it to your visitors. You want to think about marketing your free gift the same way you market products and programs you charge for by sharing the specific benefits or results they will experience.


Mistake #3: Your free offer is hidden on your website.

For most coaches, the #1 goal of your website is to build your list. If your free gift and opt-in box aren’t prominently placed, your visitors are likely going to leave your site without joining your list.


Mistake #4: Your free gift does not seed your other products and services.

You don’t want your free gift to feel like a sales page, but you do want to seed your other offerings by sharing client success stories and finding appropriate places to mention a product or program you offer.


Mistake #5: Your free gift is not presented in a professional manner.

Your free gift does not have to be a work of art, but it should reflect your brand and the level of service and professionalism you offer.

Are you ready to create a compelling free gift that not only builds your list, but converts to more sales and more clients?


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