8 Holiday Promotions For
Health Coaches

Holiday Promotions for Health Coaches - Marketing for Health Coaches

The holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means – deals everywhere! You’ve probably started to think about the money you’ll be spending on gifts, but have you considering how you can make more money over the holidays?

You might not think of health coaching as a “holiday” product, but there are several good reasons to host a holiday promotion:

  • December can be a slower month income-wise because most people think they shouldn’t promote during this season, but you can get a boost in income before the end of the year by offering a holiday promotion
  • You can take advantage of holiday sales lingo like Black Friday or Cyber Monday to attract attention
  • People who might be reluctant to spend money on themselves can ask for what you’re selling as a holiday gift from their significant other or a relative
  • And most importantly – you can use what you already have and put a holiday spin on it!

So many coaches close up shop (or at least stop promoting) in November and December, assuming times are slow and they can’t generate any more income. But this is leaving money on the table during a time when clients are in need of healthy guidance to get through the holidays and get ready for those New Year’s resolutions.

Hosting your own holiday promotion is a great way to bring in some extra income before the end of the year and attract new clients. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be a whole lot of work to set up. You don’t need to go into full launch mode to have a successful promotion.

8 Holiday Promotions for Health Coaches - Marketing for Health Coaches

8 Holiday Promotions for Health Coaches that Are Easy to Set-up

Offer a free gift to build your list

Use a free gift you already have, such as a meal plan or guide, and repackage it with a holiday spin. Example: “the meal plan you need between Thanksgiving and Christmas to ward off weight gain”.

This type of free gift will be even MORE relevant to people because it’s so specific. Staying healthy over the holidays is a concern for most people as it can be such an indulgent time. Adding a few holiday specific tips to your existing opt-in or freebie will catch the eyes of more people because it’s already on their mind.

This is also a great list building opportunity. You can set up an automated email series to nurture these new subscribers, and introduce them to one of your offers if you choose. Even if you decide not to actually sell anything over the holidays, you’ll have a new audience to promote your offerings to in the new year.

Create a free challenge related to the holidays

This can be a simple challenge with daily emails for 5-10 days, and a Facebook Group to offer community and support.

Invite people to join your free holiday challenge and once it’s wrapped up let them know that they can keep it going with your program – like a New Year’s Cleanse. Hopefully they’ll have had great results during your free challenge so doing the full program will be a no-brainer.

Don’t have time to put together a free challenge? Check out Kathleen LeGrys’ 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. It’s a done-for-you challenge that you can brand as your own.

Create an early bird promotion or pre-sale

Everyone wants to get healthy starting January 1st, right? Start offering your new year’s program now and give an early bird bonus or discount. The bonus could be as simple as a 20% discount for buying early, or a “staying healthy through the holidays guide.” If you don’t want to give a discount you can offer a special bonus that people receive when they register during the pre-sale.

Holiday Bundle

Bundle your existing programs or offerings for a holiday special. Create an email series letting your audience know that for a limited time they can get a few of your signature programs and resources together for one reduced price.


Let your current clients (or even your whole list) know that they can take advantage of a very exclusive offer for a VIP Day with you. Whether you open your schedule during the holidays or after, highlight the results they’ll achieve from this one-on-one during a time when they most want to feel healthy. You can suggest that they ask for this as a holiday gift from their family.

You could also use a VIP Day as the early-bird bonus for a high priced program.

Offer Jumpstart Sessions

You probably don’t sell single sessions, and you shouldn’t, but this can be a great promotion that you offer at a reduced price during the holidays. These sessions will typically generate more business and interest in your longer programs, because it leaves people wanting more.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Small Business Saturday

Get in on the big shopping days by offering a deal on one of your signature programs or packages on the days people are looking to save. This one is easy because you don’t have to make anything new, just write a short 3-5 email series letting your list know about the deal.

Support your favorite charity

Use your holiday promotion to support your favorite cause by donating a portion of proceeds to a charity on your clients’ behalf. It will make your clients feel even better about making the decision to get healthy!

The holidays are a great time for you to promote your offerings and bring in clients who are looking to get or stay healthy during this chaotic time and in the new year. Get creative and have fun with it!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Have you ever run a holiday promotion? If so, how did that go? What holiday promotion would you like to offer this year? Share your thoughts below.

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