5 Types Of Free Gifts You Can Use To Build Your List

5 types of free gifts you can use to build your list | Marketing For Health Coaches

You probably already know that you need something more enticing than “Sign up for my newsletter” to build your list. But if you’re not sure what to use to attract ideal clients, it can bring your list building efforts to a halt.

When you’re trying to decide what to create for your free gift or opt-in, the very first step is making sure that whatever you create solves the #1 problem of your target clients. If you can answer their most burning question with your opt-in, they’re going to find immediate value in your content and start to trust you right away.

Once you’ve decided what problem your opt-in solves, you have several options on how to format it and deliver it to your new audience. Depending on how you prefer to create content, and how your audience prefers to receive it, you might do a quick one-page PDF, a longer written guide, a video series, or maybe something interactive.

5 types of free gifts you can use to build your list | Marketing For Health Coaches


Here are 5 types of free gifts you can use to build your list.

Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is probably the quickest and easiest free gift you can create. This can be as short as a one-page PDF with a checklist or series of tips, or a longer ‘how-to’ guide on a topic. That said, cheat sheets and free reports are everywhere, so make sure your free gift and call-to-actions to download it are very pointed and clearly demonstrate the problem you’re solving.


Ebooks are a very popular form of free gift, and for good reason. They may take a bit longer to create than a simple cheat sheet since they are typically longer, but your free ebook doesn’t need to be a novel! Ebooks only need to be a few pages, but they should deliver great value or lessons to your audience.

You may be able to create your ebook quickly from content you already have. Use old blog posts or take content from your signature talk. You could also compile your best tips (or your #1 TOP tip) around one topic. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


Creating a quiz for your website can be a really fun way to get new email sign ups. Quizzes also tend to be shareable, so you can include social elements like a share button so that readers share the quiz on their Facebook page, for example.

Make up a quiz about your niche and require the test taker to submit their email address in order to receive their results.

Email Courses or Challenges

Email courses and challenges are very popular these days! 7 day slimdown, 10 days to reduce sugar cravings, the 30 day push-up challenge… You can create an email course on anything!

If you have a series of tips or lessons, this opt-in might be perfect for you. Set up an autoresponder series to send the lessons on a set schedule and use a couple of those emails to promote your related paid program. Many of your new readers will be so thankful for the great free content you’re giving them that they’ll want to know how they can get more (especially if they’re getting results!)


Hosting webinars can be a great way to grow your list quickly, while also promoting a product or program. Create a landing page for your webinar and everyone who signs up will be added to your list. If the content in your webinar isn’t time sensitive, you can use your webinar replay as an evergreen opt-in on your site as well. Just send someone the link to the replay when they sign up.

Another quick way to grow your list with webinars is to co-host them with colleagues or referral partners. They share the event with their audience, who then get added to your list. It’s win-win.

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