A simple promotion to bring in extra revenue

Do you have a revenue goal for the coming month, but are unsure how to reach your goal?

There are many different ways to bring in revenue, but today I am going to share a simple strategy that can bring in a nice amount of revenue in one month – with little to no expense.


No fancy launches with the strategy.

The offering I am going to share with you is called a “VIP Day.”

Before I share the simple promotional strategy, I want to share what a VIP Day is and how it works.

How to host a VIP day coaching promotion to bring in extra revenue | Marketing For Health Coaches


What is a VIP Day?

A VIP Day is where you spend four or five hours, in-person or virtually, with a client. (In the health coaching realm, I think VIP Days work best when they are in-person, but both are possible.)


What makes VIP Days attractive to clients?

VIP Days are very attractive to clients because they get what they need from you quickly. Rather than spending 3 months of coaching with you, they are spending the day with you. This means faster results, which is very appealing to most people.

The good news for you is that clients who participate in a VIP Day with you are likely to want more support and hand holding from you after their VIP Day experience.


A sample VIP Day could look something like this:

  • Go to your client’s house and do a pantry/kitchen makeover where you take a look at what they have and share ideas for healthy alternatives.
  • Create a personalized shopping list for them that includes healthy basics.
  • Prepare a healthy lunch or snack that you enjoy together.
  • Share a customized meal plan with recipes that are appropriate for the season. (I would recommend having your client fill out a form ahead of time so you can cater this around the types of foods they enjoy.)

There are many ways to conduct a VIP Day, so feel free to get creative and have the experience highlight your unique knowledge and strengths as a coach. As with all offerings, I suggest that the focus of the VIP Day relate to what your audience is dying to know and the results they are looking for. This will make it much more marketable.

Be sure to have a clear agenda of how the time will be spent. You don’t want a VIP Day to become a five hour coaching session.


Now, on to the promotion…

I recommend that you send out a series of emails (over a 2 week time-frame) promoting a time sensitive offer. You can motivate your audience to make a decision by offering a large discount.

For example: If you normally price your VIP Day at $997, you could offer it for $697 if they sign up by the end of the month. (They don’t have to complete the VIP Day with you by the end of the month; they simply need to pay by the end of the month to receive the discount.)

This can be done any time of the year. I have a client who wanted to bring in additional revenue at the end of the year. She used this promotion in December to fill slots for five VIP Days that she scheduled in January.

Interested in offering a VIP Day, but have questions?
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