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5 Creative Ways to Give Talks That Gets You Health Coaching Clients

give talks

If you know me, you know that I am a big advocate of using speaking to get health coaching clients. I often hear from health coaches that they don’t want to try speaking because they’re scared of the technology or they don’t want to give a formal presentation to a large group. My response: You don’t have to! In this post, I share 5 types of speaking gigs I used when I was growing my health coaching business that you can try too.
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Speaking For Your Business The Right Way… And The Wrong Way

Speaking as a marketing tool isn’t an exact science, but there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about it. In this post, I outline the steps that go into giving a talk along with the mistakes coaches make with each step and points on the right way to do it.
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Is Speaking the Right Marketing Strategy For You?

Even though you’ve heard that giving talks is a great way to get clients, you may wonder if it’s the right choice for you. To help you determine if speaking is right for you, I put together a few questions you can ask yourself.
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How To Find Your First (Or Next)
Speaking Gig

Find Speaking Gigs | Marketing for Health Coaches

You’ve gotten over your fear of speaking. You’ve come up with a compelling topic. And you’ve even started putting together your outline. Now… you just need to figure out where to get speaking gigs. There are TONS of places where you can give talks. In this post, I’m going to discuss some steps you can take to make a wish list list of places you’d like to get speaking gigs and find new clients.
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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking To Get Clients

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking | Marketing for Health Coaches

Giving talks is absolutely one of the fastest and best ways to attract new clients – but also one of the scariest. Good news – public speaking is a skill that can be learned and mastered by anyone. If you know you want to get into speaking but you’re feeling resistance and fear, this post is for you.
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How To Get More Clients By Following Up After Your Speaking Gig Or Webinar

Not getting many clients from your speaking gigs? Having a system for following up with your talk attendees will help you grow your list and turn more people into clients. Learn the 3-step follow-up process I used to get clients from each of my health coaching talks.
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Hot To Get Clients & Build Your List From Every Talk You Give

You’ve heard it many times… Give talks and you’ll get clients. And it’s true that speaking is one of the fastest (and cheapest) ways to build your list and get amazing clients that you’ll love working with. But the sad truth most coaches experience when they give talks is… they give a talk and don’t get the results they want. In this post, you’ll learn the key tips to structure your talk so you can BUILD your list and GET clients – with every talk you give.
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What To Say & Do During Live Talks
(To Get People To Sign Up For Your Program)

Give talks that get you more health coaching clients! Here’s exactly what to do during your next speaking gig to get more clients | Marketing For Health Coaches

Giving talks is the fastest way for you to generate income – whether you’re just starting out or want to fill spots to one of your programs. That said, if you’re going to spend time and energy giving talks – you want to make sure you’re set up for success. There are a few simple, yet extremely effective ways to structure your talks leaving people dying to work with you.
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3 Big Mistakes Coaches Make
When Speaking

3 Big Mistakes Coaches Make When Speaking | Marketing For Health Coaches

Have you been giving talks but not getting the number of clients you’d like from your speaking gigs? Learn the top 3 mistakes that health coaches (including myself) make when giving talks. When I figured this out, I started getting much better results from speaking. I know you can too!
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The Exact Script I Use To Book Discovery Calls

Are you interested in getting a few new clients? Here’s a sample script you can use if you’re inviting your audience into a discovery call or breakthrough session.
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