5 Creative Ways to Give Talks That Gets You Health Coaching Clients

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If you know me, you know that I’m a big advocate of using speaking to get health coaching clients.

That’s because I see so many of my clients and colleagues having success with this strategy.

And because it worked for me!

One of the reasons speaking worked so well for me is because I was always open to switching up the way I delivered my talks.

I didn’t stick to one talk topic or one format. I played with different technology, tried speaking in different settings, and would occasionally do a demonstration instead of a presentation.

Trying different forms of speaking kept it interesting for me and helped me figure out what worked best for my personality.

Not only did this allow me to reach more people and fill my practice, but it helped me find my comfort-zone and play on my strengths.

I often hear from health coaches that they don’t want to give talks because they’re overwhelmed by the technology or they don’t want to give a formal presentation.

My response: You don’t have to!

There are many different ways health coaches can give talks that often don’t get talked about.

I believe there’s a way to give talks for almost everyone – no matter what your comfort level is with public speaking, presenting, or technology!

Today, I’m sharing 5 creative ways to give talks that get you health coaching clients. I used these when I was growing my health coaching business…and you can too!

I’m outlining what I did, why it worked, and how you can get started with each form.

My hope is that you’ll discover forms of speaking you may not have considered and that you’re excited to give a try.

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Give Talks or Presentations

The very first talk I gave was in the group fitness room of a local gym. It wasn’t a fancy high-end gym, but it drew a crowd of about 20 people. Despite my jitters (yes, my voice was shaky when I started), I signed on 2 clients from that very first talk.

Before the pandemic, local talks were the best way to get new clients. And now that people are starting to gather safely again, this is a strategy that you can get amazing results with. Getting in front of a room of local people and delivering a 45-60 minute talk on a topic allows you to share your message and impact a lot of people at once.

How to get started:
To get started giving talks, reach out to local gyms, places of worship, and other places or groups where your ideal clients hang out to find out if they ever host talks. Once you land your talk, prepare your 45-60 minute presentation on your topic of choice.

Who it’s for:
This is a great option if you love the idea of getting face-to-face and want to get clients quickly. It’s also ideal if you don’t yet have a list of subscribers, or if you only have a small list. The technology side can be minimal on this one, so this is a great option if you want to go low-tech, though you can prepare slides if that’s something you’re comfortable doing.


Pretty early on in my health coaching career, I gave teleseminars (webinars weren’t a thing yet 15 years ago). I worked with a local boot camp company to do teleseminar presentations for their clients, and I also gave monthly teleseminars to my small but growing list.

Now that my business (and the technology) has evolved and I serve health coaches all over the world, I’ve moved the majority of my talks online.

In many ways, webinars are really similar to in-person talks except for the obvious difference – they’re online! But the idea is the same – you are giving a 45-60 minute presentation on one topic to a group of people. Only in this case, they’re behind a computer screen and not in the room with you.

Webinars have helped me – and many coaches – grow their businesses beyond their local area. In terms of online marketing, webinars are one of the most effective ways to get new clients or fill a group program quickly.

How to get started:
To get started with webinars, the first thing you’ll want to do is to get the technology set-up. I recommend using Zoom to host the webinar, and then use Wix or Click Funnels to create a webinar registration page. Once the technology is in-place, giving a webinar is just like giving an in-person talk.

Who it’s for:
Webinars are a great option if you find you’re more comfortable speaking to a group of people online rather than in person. Some people feel more comfortable when they don’t have a sea of faces staring back at them. You do need to be comfortable with technology to hold a webinar, or you can ask a friend or an assistant to help you.

And if the idea of reaching people all over the world excites you, webinars are definitely for you.

Keep this in mind: Because you want to make sure you have an audience for your webinar, this is a great option if you have a good-sized list, a large following on social media, and/or have one or more colleagues to promote your webinar to their list.

Wellness Parties

A party may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to give talks for health coaches, but this is a secret ‘strategy’ I used when I was a health coach. I say ‘strategy’ in quotes because it’s almost too fun to be considered a marketing strategy!

I asked people I knew – clients and friends – to host a small party for a group of their friends. I brought healthy treats for everyone to try, did a cooking demo, and I gave a short talk. I even brought some homemade body care products for everyone to try.

These events were always really fun and a very comfortable way to “speak” to a group. It also made the party guests more comfortable approaching me about their health because they got to know me in a casual setting.

Wellness Parties can be done in-person or on Zoom.

How to get started:
To get started with wellness parties, talk to a few friends or clients about hosting one – or you can host your first one. You’ll prepare some healthy snacks ahead of time, as well as be prepared to give a short, informal presentation and cooking demo. Your actual talk only needs to be about 15-20 minutes, but you’ll be able to interact with the guests throughout the event.

Who it’s for:
This is a great option if you want that face-to-face contact with people but prefer to casually share your health knowledge rather than give a formal presentation. It’s also a great option if you have friends or clients who are well-connected and are seen as ‘influencers’ in the community.

Cooking Demos

One thing I really enjoyed when I was a health coach was holding cooking classes in my home.

I would invite specific groups – like my local Mother’s Club or a local women’s networking group – and teach them how to prepare their own healthy, delicious food.

I also hosted seasonal cooking classes for my clients where they were able (and encouraged) to bring a friend. This allowed me to offer great value to my clients while also meeting new potential clients.

Hosting a cooking demo can be a great way to get people excited and intrigued about the possibility of a more healthy lifestyle. You’re showing them just how fun and delicious healthy living can be!

How to get started:
To get started with cooking demos, approach a local group you’re a part of (like a mom’s group or women’s networking group). You’ll prepare the menu ahead of time and get all the supplies and ingredients you’ll need. In this case, you don’t need to give an actual ‘talk’ but you can discuss health topics throughout the demo.

Who it’s for:
This is great if you love cooking and don’t want to mess with technology or give a formal talk!

Facebook & Instagram Live

Livestreaming is more casual than webinars. There’s no slideshow presentation, so it’s easy to hop on when you’re inspired and share a message with your audience.

When I started doing Facebook lives, I have to admit that I was nervous, just as I was nervous when I gave my first talk… and my first webinar… and my first cooking demo. But I knew with each of those forms of speaking my nerves would relax the more I did it, and now livestreaming is one of my favorite ways to connect with you and the rest of my people! Here are some hacks for getting more comfortable going live on social media.

I recommend jotting down a few notes on a topic you want to share, practicing what you want to say a few times, and hitting that live button. Stick to one main topic and have an idea of what you will cover so your live video flow more easily.

How to get started:
To get started on a livestreaming all you need is a Facebook or Instagram account and your phone or laptop camera. Livestreams can be as short as 5-10 minutes, or go as long as 25-30 minutes. If you’re nervous about talking to a large group, pretend you’re having a conversation with one person like you would on Zoom or FaceTime.

Who it’s for:
This is a great option if you have a social media following (or want to grow one), are comfortable with technology (it’s much easier to set up than a webinar) and prefer to deliver information in short and informal conversations.

As you can see, there’s a way to give talks for almost everyone.

To figure out which is right for you, go with your gut. Which of these sounds most comfortable to you? Which fits your speaking and interacting style? Which do you think you can get started on right away with the shortest learning curve?

Start where you’re comfortable and build from there. I encourage you to try one of these forms of speaking and let me know how it goes!

Now I’d love to hear from you:
Which of these ways to give talks are you most excited to try first? Are you more drawn to online or in-person forms of speaking?


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