What To Say & Do During Live Talks
(To Get People To Sign Up For Your Program)

Give talks that get you more health coaching clients! Here’s exactly what to do during your next speaking gig to get more clients | Marketing For Health Coaches

Giving talks is honestly the fastest way for you to generate income – whether you’re just starting out or want to fill spots to one of your programs.



That said, if you’re going to spend time and energy giving talks – you want to make sure you’re set up for success. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.
I spent years only having moderate success giving talks, because there were a few key things I wasn’t doing.

I want to shorten your learning curve, so you’re converting MORE of your attendees to becoming paying clients after your talks.

There are a few simple, yet extremely effective ways to structure your talks leaving people dying to work with you.

Give talks that get you more health coaching clients! Here’s exactly what to do during your next speaking gig to get more clients | Marketing For Health Coaches

What to say & do during your live
speaking engagements

1. Start with your story

During your story, share your struggles as they relate to the topic you’re speaking on. Then, describe how you figured out a solution and the transformation you experienced after doing so.

2. Seed your offer

Towards the beginning of the talk, you will want to position the offer you’re going to make at the end. You will find an script you can use here.

By seeding your offer at the beginning, people will be expecting you to make an offer again. In fact, most people will be CURIOUS and EXCITED to hear your offer. And, by seeding your offer, you won’t feel salesy when you do make an invitation at the end.

3. Share what makes your approach unique

Before you dive into the content, share with your audience how the way your work is unique and therefore gets results for your clients.

4. Weave success stories and examples into your talk

During your talk, you will have 3-5 teaching points. For each teaching point, share an example of how the strategy helped you or a client. This will make your talk more engaging and will provide social proof that you are able to effect change for people.

5. Make an offer

At the end, be sure to make ONE specific offer. It can be tempting to tell people all the ways they can work with you, but this won’t land you clients. When you give too many options people feel overwhelmed and unsure what to choose, so they end up not choosing anything.

Your offer can be for an upcoming program, like a cleanse or detox. Or, it can be for a strategy or breakthrough session which leads into private coaching.

In order for your offer to resonate with your audience, make sure your offer relates to the topic of your talk. For example, if your talk is about sugar and weight loss, such as “How to Lose Weight (Even if You Don’t Have Any Willpower)”, you can make an offer for a “Weight Loss Breakthrough Session” at the end of your talk.

Here’s a script for live talks that you can adapt and make your own

“As I mentioned earlier, there is a comprehensive system I take clients through. When I work with clients one on one, we go much deeper than I could today.

If [insert topic] is something you’re struggling with and you want to go further, I have arranged with [insert name of venue] to offer you a complimentary [insert name of strategy/breakthrough session] by phone.

In this session we will look at:

[insert 3-5 bullets of what you will cover in the session]

I have a limited # of spots reserved over the next 2 weeks, so if this is something you’re interested in I encourage you to put your name on the clipboard I’m passing around.”

6. Follow-up

The day of, or the day after the event, email each person that expressed interested in the session with you and send them a link to your online calendar. (I highly recommend setting up an online scheduling system such as TimeTrade.com.)

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