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You’re (Probably) Not Ready For
Facebook Ads

Not Ready For Facebook Ads - Featured

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook ads can be a powerful tool to use to grow your business. You’ve probably read articles or seen posts about businesses that can put $1 into Facebook ads and earn $2 in return. A …
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Creative Ways To Build Your List

Creative Ways to Build Your List | Marketing for Health Coaches

Building your list is a key component to getting people into your programs and having a successful online business. In this post, I’m sharing several fun and creative strategies to build your list.
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Why You Should Run A Free Challenge

Get Clients by Running a Free Challenge | Marketing for Health Coaches

Running a free challenge is one of the hot topics in the online marketing world these days. Challenges are gaining attention because they work. Running a free challenge is a great way to build your list quickly, engage your audience, and enroll them in a paid program. You too can leverage this trend to build your list of subscribers. In this post, I break down how to create your own free challenge to give your business a big boost this spring.
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Do You Need A Newsletter Or Blog?

Do you need a newsletter or blog? | Marketing for Health Coaches

We all hear about the importance of using a blog or newsletter to grow your business, but WHY does it help and HOW can you easily implement one of these options? Today I’m going back to basics to discuss the benefits of having a newsletter or blog and how you can incorporate it into your busy schedule.
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8 Holiday Promotions For
Health Coaches

Holiday Promotions for Health Coaches - Marketing for Health Coaches

The holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means – deals everywhere! You’ve probably started to think about the money you’ll be spending on gifts, but have you considered how you can make more money over the holidays? Check out these 8 holiday promotions for health coaches.
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How To Grow Your List With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get in front of new people and start building your reputation as an expert on a topic. But it takes time and energy to contact blog owners, pitch your ideas, and write articles for their sites, so you’ll definitely want to make sure all of those new readers start following you. Here’s how to convert more readers from your guest posts into subscribers to your list.
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How To Get Guest Posts (And Why You Should Be Doing It)

How to get guest posts & why you should be doing it (free pitch template inside!) | Marketing For Health Coaches

Guest posting is one of the most effective list building strategies. In this post I share a step-by-step approach to getting guest blogging gigs so you can grow your audience, your list, and your reputation all at once.
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3 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Program

Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Next Launch | Marketing For Health Coaches

You have a program coming up and you want it to sell! You may find yourself getting a bit overwhelmed with all the possible ways to promote your program. Rather than spread yourself too thin, focus on the 3 most powerful ways to promote your program.
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Use Your Articles & Blog Posts To Get More Clients In Your Programs

How to use your blog posts to get more clients in your programs - create a strategic content calendar! Here's how... | Marketing For Health Coaches

Your newsletter articles and blog posts can be a great marketing and sales tool for your coaching and group programs. In order for this to work, you need a plan! Today I’m going to talk about creating a strategic plan for your newsletter and/or blog that creates interest in your programs, and increases your sales.
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Simple Emails Series (You Can Use With
Any Launch)

A simple email series you can use for ANY launch | Marketing For Health Coaches

Ever feel stuck when it comes to promoting your services and programs EFFECTIVELY via email? Learn how many emails you should send, when you should send them out, and specifics on what to write in your emails – including a sample outline for an email series that you can use for any launch!
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