How to get hundreds in your detox or cleanse

Have you offered or thought about offering a cleanse or detox?

If you have offered a detox, you might be wondering how you can increase your sales.

If you haven’t ever offered a detox, you might be concerned that your list is not yet big enough. How to get hundreds in your detox or cleanse

Today, I am going to share how one of our clients has had over 350 people go through her detox through 3 launches in the last year – without a big list.

The key here is partnering.

Our client, Marlyn Diaz of Holistic Nutritionista, had experience running detoxes and cleanses with her private clients, but she had never run a virtual group program.

She was clear that she wanted to enroll a large number of people into her first virtual group program, and to do that, she needed a partner.

Marlyn is a long-term customer of Cardio Barre, a studio that offers ballet-barre style workouts. She used her personal connection and approached the owner about partnering with him to offer a detox to his audience.

The owner of Cardio Barre was very receptive to the idea, and they decided to offer the program at his flagship location first.

Marlyn enrolled over 100 people in that first launch of the Cardio Barre Body Bliss Challenge, and then launched the program at other Cardio Barre locations during two additional launches. In less than a year, Marlyn had over 350 people participate in her detox.

What can you take away from partnering?

  1. There are likely opportunities for partnerships all around you.
    Start with personal connections. This doesn’t have to be a close friend, but think about places you frequent, people you have met, or friends of friends.
  2. Stretch out of your comfort zone and approach potential partners.
    It wasn’t necessarily easy for Marlyn to approach the owner of Cardio Barre, but she went into the conversation knowing that she had something powerful to offer the Cardio Barre audience.
  3. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
    Marlyn felt confident about her content and ability to deliver the program, but she had never run a virtual program before and knew she needed support planning and implementing the technical and creative pieces of the launch.  Particularly when working with a new partner, you will want to make a good impression.
  4. Make it easy for your partner to market
    Your partner is busy, just like you and me. Make it super easy for them to promote your program. Provide them with pre-written emails and social media posts they can simply copy and paste.
  5. The key to profitability is relaunching.
    The expense of launching a program is much higher the first time around.


Read more about Marlyn’s success story.


detox“Amy and her team walked me through every step of the process and I felt completely taken care of..”

I hired Amy and her team when I was about to launch my first virtual group detox. Before launching this virtual program, I had built a successful practice locally and I wanted to expand into new territory.

I had run cleanses before, and felt confident about the content, but I was overwhelmed when it came to marketing a program online. Amy and her team walked me through every step of the process and I felt completely taken care of. They advised me on what technology I needed in place, how to make my sales page more compelling, and they helped write all of the promotional emails that I sent to my list and to my affiliate partners.

Amy and her team were true partners in the process. I was able to focus on the content, and they managed the technical, design, customer service, and promotional elements. The detox was a huge success. I have offered it three times, and over 350 people have participated with amazing results.

I am grateful to have Amy and her team on MY team, and I recommend them to anyone looking to launch virtual programs and expand their business.
Marlyn Diaz, Functional Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Thinking about launching (or relaunching) a cleanse or detox?

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Your Action Step: Start by making a list of potential partners. This will open your eyes to the opportunities around you, and will get you motivated to get into action! Share your ideas and questions below so I can support you in reaching a wider audience. As always, if you know of someone who can benefit from learning how to get hundreds into their detox or cleanse program, share this post with the right now!


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