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Want More Clients In Your Programs?
Try This…

want more clients in your programs? try this! | Marketing For Health Coaches

There’s one big mistake I see coaches make when it comes to launching a new program. It’s one that can cost you thousands of dollars (if not more)! I’m going to demystify why some program launches flop, and what you can do to get more people in your programs.
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2 words to help you market effectively

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to hear my good friend and colleague, Rebecca Rapple, speak about how to get more people to purchase your services and products. What I love about Rebecca is that she deeply …
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How To Turn Your Program Into A “Homestudy” Or “Evergreen” Offering

Want to turn your live program into an evergreen offering? Here's how | Marketing For Health Coaches

Lately, a number of clients have asked how they can take a “live” program and turn it into a “homestudy” program that people can purchase at any time.
It’s fairly easy to do, and in this post I am going to walk you through the steps to accomplish this, and some of the technology you can use to automate everything.
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A simple promotion to bring in extra revenue

Do you have a revenue goal for the coming month, but are unsure how to reach your goal? There are many different ways to bring in revenue, but today I am going to share a simple strategy that can bring …
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