2 words to help you market effectively

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to hear my good friend and colleague, Rebecca Rapple, speak about how to get more people to purchase your services and products.

What I love about Rebecca is that she deeply understands the psychology of selling. I’m not talking about how to manipulate someone, but rather how to help people take the actions that will help them achieve their goals.

One of the most important pieces, when it comes to making offers, is being able to articulate that your offering will give clients what they really want.

But here’s the thing…

If you ask a client or a potential client what they want, they’re likely to give a more surface response such as “have more energy” or “feed my family healthier meals.”

Rebecca calls these “code words,” and while these may very well be areas they want to improve, most of the time there is something much deeper that your audience not telling you.

I bet you’re tired of hearing the code words and are anxious to get to the deeper “why” with your clients.

How do you get at that deeper desire?

Here’s where the two words come in…

You can start by asking yourself “but really…” and complete this sentence:
“But really what they want is…”

It might be that what they really want is to find a soul mate, have more intimacy with their husband, or reduce their risk for a disease that runs in their family.

Aside from asking yourself “but really,” delve deeper during conversations with your clients and potential clients.

Once they’ve shared the surface response of what they want, ask them, “what else you do want”?  After they share another desire, ask the question again. I suggest repeating this question 3-5 times, so you can go deeper and deeper.

And when they share something they want, ask them how this will help them, why they want that result, and/or what kind of impact it will make in their life. This will also help you get to their deeper desire.

Watch for themes

As you have these conversations, take notes and observe what comes up repeatedly.  These are the benefits or results that you want to lead with when speaking to potential clients and in your writing.

When you’re able to speak to the deeper desires, your audience will immediately see that you “get” them and that you can truly take them where they want to go.

What “code words” do you hear most often and what you do think your clients really want?  Share your thoughts and questions below.

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