Using a cleanse to get private clients

Last week we did some number crunching to look at how you can make a profit when running a lower-priced group program, such as a cleanse.

One of the ways to increase your profit, is to use a cleanse as a way to bring in more private clients.

Today, I’m going to share why this works and how to covert cleanse participants into private coaching clients, without doing traditional promoting.

Why use a cleanse as a launching pad to enrolling private clients?

Some people know they want and need one-on-one support and will jump right in to a higher-priced private coaching program. Others won’t be ready to make that higher-level investment.

It’s easy for potential clients to say “yes” to a cleanse because it’s a low price point and a short time commitment.  And, once they get their feet wet and get to know, like, and trust you, your participants will want more support from you.

There are 4 steps to converting cleanse participants into private coaching.

Step 1: Designing your program

Design your program so that your participants experience immediate results, but don’t attempt to solve all of their problems. A 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day program should be designed to help participants in a specific area of their health.

Designing the program in this way guarantees their success and will leave them wanting additional support from you. Attempting to fit in all of the content from your private coaching programs into a short group program will leave your participants overwhelmed, which means they won’t be able to take action.

If you keep the program focused, your participants will have a much more positive experience and will be more likely to want to continue to work with you.

Step 2: Wow your participants

Provide amazing value that leaves your participants amazed at the quality of the program, the materials, recipes, and level of support you provide.

I highly recommend you provide support to your cleanse participants through a Closed Facebook Group.  This will allow you to private personalized support and hold their hand, within the structure of a group program. This kind of support is priceless, and will leave your participants wanting more from you.

Step 3: Seed private coaching

During the program, you can seed the option of continuing to work with you privately. You will want to make sure any language you use, when you seed the offer, comes from a place of being of service rather than selling. One way to do this is by sharing illustrative stories about private clients. This will pique their interest.

Step 4: Offer a bonus 30-minute post-cleanse strategy session.

In this session, you will talk to participants about their experience on the cleanse and their next steps. As you discuss the next steps, share how you can support them in reaching their goals through private coaching. This call is about providing value and inviting them to continue working with you.

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