Didn’t Meet Your 2016 Goals?
7 Strategies To Bring In Quick Revenue

7 Strategies To Bring In Quick Revenue For Coaches | Marketing For Health Coaches

The year is quickly coming to a close (how did that happen!?). When life is so full, it seems to fly by! And that may mean you didn’t quite reach your goals for the year.

First of all, don’t sweat it. Maybe you tried some things that didn’t give you the results you’d hoped for. Or maybe you didn’t have as much time to focus on your business as you thought you would.

But 2016 isn’t over yet – so if you want to inch a little closer to those goals you set, or just bring in some extra income before the new year, there are several ways to do this.

The first step is to take a few minutes to set a new goal.

Sometimes the problem with setting goals in January is that we know we have a full year reach them, so we don’t implement quickly. Right now you have an opportunity to set a 6 week goal and take some quick action to achieve your goal.

I often do my best work when I have a short turn-around time!

When setting your goals, keep in mind what you can realistically achieve in the next 5 to 6 weeks.

When I set goals, I always set 3 targets – a good, better, and best goal. My “good” goal is the minimum I want to achieve, with my “better” goal exceeding that, and my “best” goal is what would feel like I hit it out of the park.

An example would be:

Good Goal: Enrolling 2 new private coaching clients and selling 5 spots in the
pre-sale for my January cleanse by December 31st

Better Goal: Enrolling 4 new private coaching clients and selling 8 spots in the
pre-sale for my January cleanse by December 31st

Best Goal: Enrolling 6 new private coaching clients by December 31st and selling
10 spots in the pre-sale for my January cleanse.

These goals are measurable (they have a target number), timely (they have an end date) and attainable (signing on 2 clients and selling 5 spots in a cleanse in 6 weeks is a reasonable goal).

Now that you’ve got your target goal set, it’s time to decide what strategy and action you will implement to achieve it.

7 Strategies To Bring In Quick Revenue For Coaches | Marketing For Health Coaches

Offer a promotion to your list

Last week we wrote about 8 holiday promotions you can use to bring in extra revenue over the holiday season. Any of these can be repurposed as “Year end deals” as well.

Create a bundle with a partner or colleague

Join forces with another entrepreneur to expand your audience. One way to do this is to create a limited time offer where you bundle your program with another, complimentary program from a colleague. For example – you could team up with a local Pilates studio to offer a special bundle that includes a 10 class pass (from them) and a 7 Day Cleanse (from you). You promote to each others’ lists and split the profits.

Give a Talk

Giving talks is one of the fastest ways to generate interest in your offerings. Giving talks will also help you grow your list. Use our proven talk outline to set up your presentation, and make a time-limited offer for a free breakthrough session or for a group program (like a cleanse) at the end of the talk.

Follow up with past clients and offer a year end deal to come back

Your past clients already know first hand what kind of results they can expect from working with you, and they would probably love to continue that relationship. What can you offer them to come back? Another round through your program might not be enticing enough, but do you have a solution that meets them where they’re at now?

If they’ve gone through a 6 month program, you could offer for them to renew for 60 or 90 days in an advanced program. Or maybe they’d love to have a retreat day with you where you help them fine-tune things, work on meal plans, and do some hands-on cooking with them.

Follow up with any “maybes” or “not right nows” or “can’t afford its” from the last 6 months

Over the last few months you’ve probably spoken to potential clients who were undecided or who felt that it wasn’t a good time. Now is a great time to follow up with every single one of them and let them know how they can grab a spot with you.

You can offer a deal, a bonus, or simply tell them you only have 2 spots left for the year and you wanted to offer it to them first. Some of them may be ready to make that investment now.

Post on social media every day

Your audience needs to know about your offerings in order to sign up to work with you. Use social media to let people know what you’re up to. Share your message, make an offer, share client testimonials that highlight results. Let your community know about the offers you have available right now. Mix in valuable content, inspirational images, and relevant news so you aren’t coming off as purely salesy.

Email your personal network and ask for referrals

We often forget that our personal network can be valuable to our business. We assume that they aren’t connected in the right circles to really help us move forward, but the truth is, our personal networks are rooting for us to succeed more than anyone! The problem, though, is that they may not understand exactly what you do.

Craft a short but thoughtful message or email to let your friends and family know EXACTLY what you do and how you help people. Tell them you have a few spots open for the rest of the year, so if they know anyone struggling with ‘x’ or looking to acheive ‘x’ results, to send them your way. The more specific you can be about who you serve and the results your clients get, the easier it will be for people to connect the dots between you and someone they know.

The year isn’t over yet! Set your new 6 week goal, choose a strategy (or a few), and take focused action to achieve it. I know you can get there!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
What are your “good,” “better,” and “best” goals for the next few weeks? And what strategies do you plan to implement to get there?

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