How To Make Clients Eager To Sign Up For Your Programs

There’s nothing more captivating than listening to someone who’s confident in their work! They know who they are and they know what they have to offer the world. The way they convey their message just makes you say “YES!”

And on the flipside – how likely are you to pay attention to someone that is unclear with with their message or doesn’t let their passion for their work shine through? If they sound like they don’t believe in themselves, why would you hand over your hard earned cash to work with them?

That is why it is SO important to cultivate your own confidence and a positive mindset in your business, especially when you’re promoting a program.

Everything that you do to market your programs requires that punch, that gusto, that comes from being confident in your abilities as a coach.

I know that confidence isn’t always something that comes naturally. We have doubts about ourselves and our programs.

Last week I shared how to cultivate confidence (even if you’re just starting out) and getting yourself into the right mindset to launch a program.

Today, I’m taking this a step further and sharing how to let your confidence shine through in a way that will have people dying to work with you.

Make Clients Eager to Sign Up

Own YOUR story

As a solopreneur, YOU are your business. Your clients are interested in you. So it’s important to be able to articulate your story and share it with your audience.

Tap into your unique story by reflecting on your journey.

  • What brought you to do this work?
  • What were the major turning points?
  • What health challenges did you overcome?
  • What health challenges have you helped others (clients, friends, family) overcome?

When you convey how you helped yourself, clients, or people close to you, others will feel confident that you can help them.

Inject Your Confidence Into Your Marketing

Promoting a program requires a lot of different pieces of marketing, including sales page copy, promotional emails, social media posts, and talks/webinars. all of which will benefit from you sharing your story and your expertise with confidence.

So how do you ensure that your confidence shines through in your marketing? Use these tips:

Speak with your own voice and let go of perfection

I know how easy it is to fall into the perfection trap when working on promotional copy. I was recently working on a project and found myself over-thinking how to word a specific email or the exact “right” order to send out emails. This just held me back from truly being myself in my writing and completing the task.

I love giving my clients “formulas” and swipe copy to make remove the writing overwhelm, but it’s always important to take these materials and tweak them so they feel right to you.

When you write from your heart, people will be able to feel that and will feel drawn to working with you.

Showcase your personality in your photos and headshots

Part of owning your story and your brand is showcasing that in your visuals. There’s no need for a super serious, white background, plain Jane headshot. Let your personality shine through! Wear colours, smile, laugh, and have fun with it.

Feeling authentic in your marketing will go a long way towards boosting how “real” and confident you come across. Your ideal clients will be drawn to your true self.

Make bold claims (that you can back up)

Use your client testimonials and your own story to make bold claims in your copy. Nothing speaks to people like seeing big REAL results that they want to achieve.

You know what kind of results people are getting from working with you, so shout it out!

Put Yourself Out There

Visibility in business is essential. For many of us, myself included, this piece is a challenge because we’re a bit shy and introverted and don’t like to boast. But maintaining visibility doesn’t have to feel icky, salesy, or uncomfortable.

If you want your business, your programs, and your content to be shared, start putting it out into the world.

Social Media

We all hope that we’ll write a great blog post, tweet it once, and it will go viral.

I’m sorry to say that this is NEVER the case. If you want your content to be seen by your audience, share it multiple times on multiple channels . Tweet several times the first week you publish your post, pin it, share it on your Facebook page.

Don’t worry – some of this stuff can be automated. There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to schedule your social media sharing ahead of time. Try Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your updates in one batch at the beginning of each week.

Reach Out

Although most of us are solopreneurs, this online business thing rarely happens alone. It’s important to form business friendships and partnerships to help boost your success. Once you have the confidence in your program and business, you’ll be able to reach out to people to share your content. It won’t feel salesy either, because you’ll be clear about how much value you’re providing!

Challenge for you:
Each week, for the next four weeks, aim to connect with one person with whom you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with.

  • Press outreach – Email bloggers and media outlets to get press. Pitch your guest post ideas to be featured on their site as a guest expert.
  • Find referral partners – create relationships with other business owners who offer complementary services. You can co-promote each other’s businesses and offers, email your respective lists about the other person, and create revenue sharing opportunities
  • Make friends – jump in on conversations on Twitter or a forum related to your niche and make some friends. Be super helpful and they’ll share your stuff without you even asking

Promoting your programs can be fun and fulfilling when you put yourself out there is a way that feels authentic. It starts with you being confident and truly believing that you have something of value to offer (because you do!) – then sharing it with the world!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
How do you inspire your audience to feel confident in you and your offerings? What’s stopped you from marketing yourself with confidence?

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