How To Get Into The Right Mindset For Launching A Program

Often in marketing we focus on the specific tactics and strategies to get results, and the inner work of being an entrepreneur gets overlooked.

I’m a strategies and tactics kind of gal, so I have to admit that it’s taken me a while to recognize the power of mindset.

What I’ve discovered is that our mindset can actually be the most powerful factor in having a successful business and profitable program launches!

Here’s the thing when it comes to having a successful business…

If you don’t believe in yourself and your programs, the best marketing strategies in the world are still going to fall short.

As a solopreneur, you are your business. You are your most important marketing message. You are your biggest advocate and cheerleader.

A positive mindset and belief in yourself is essential to selling your services and your programs.

I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but if you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else believe in you? On the flip side, if you have confidence, it will shine through in all of your marketing – your sales copy, your webinars and talks, your promotional emails and your social media posts. Your ideal customers will be attracted to the positive vibes you put out in your communication, and your confidence will become infectious.

If you’re looking to launch a new program, I know it can be a daunting undertaking and there will be many moments throughout the process that will make you question yourself. That’s normal and with experience you’ll find your confidence will increase and mindset will become more positive.

I want to help you shift your mindset NOW – so you can experience great results with your next promotion.

If your confidence needs a little boost before promoting and launching a new program, there are ways you can tap into it and arm yourself with a winning mindset.

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Here are 4 ways you can get into a confident mindset before your next launch:

Experience The Results For Yourself

The best way to believe in the power of your program is to see it yourself!

You probably already practice what you preach and everything in your program is second nature to you. But you may not be going through the steps with the same care and attention that a newcomer to your program would. This might be an opportunity to start from scratch, get a fresh outlook on your program, and see some new results for yourself.

If you’re using a done-for-you program that you’ve purchased, the first thing I recommend you do is to go through the program and be diligent about taking notes and photos to track your progress. You may just become your own best testimonial!

Knowing that the program you’re selling had a positive impact on you will give you an immediate boost of confidence. It might even relight the spark that inspired you to start coaching in the first place!

Beta Test Your Program

Just as seeing your own results can lift your confidence, so can seeing those results in others. But if you aren’t quite ready to start charging people for your program, beta testing might be the way to go.

While this sounds technical and complicated, it’s actually super easy.

Select a handful of people to act as beta testers. They’ll go through your program exactly as a paying client would, but for free. In exchange for free access to your program, they agree to give you their sincerest of feedback on the entire experience.

Beta testers are like editors – they can point out any mistakes or oversights in your program that you might miss. This way you’ll have had a chance to work out any kinks when you actually start charging people for the program.

The beta testers you work with will also act as your first testimonials. Again, be sure to keep meticulous track of their progress. Since you will be working very closely with these people throughout the beta test, their progress will be easy to see and can give you the proof and confidence you need!

Get Client Feedback From 1-on-1 Work

If you don’t yet have beta testers or you aren’t quite finished developing your program, talk to clients you’ve worked with one on one. Your past and current clients can give you insight into the kind of results they’re having from working with you.

If you want to dig a little deeper to help boost your confidence in your abilities, also ask questions that are not so typical for a testimonial. Ask your clients:

  • What do they like best about working with you?
  • What part of your personality or brand were they drawn to when they began working with you?
  • What strengths of yours have helped them in their journey?

These questions go beyond the numbers and get down to what it is people like best about YOU. Surely these responses will get you in the mindset to believe in yourself and your program.

Practice Self-Care

An important part of cultivating a healthy and positive mindset is practicing self care. It can be very easy to slip into a pattern where you aren’t taking time for your mental and physical health. That takes it’s toll on your business.

I recently realized that I hadn’t been getting exercise on a regular basis. While I know it’s important, I had a slew of reasons (make that excuses) that I wasn’t making time for it. When I added in morning walks, I discovered that my mindset improved dramatically.

Notice if you’re consistent about getting movement and making time for a positive mindset practice, whether that is through meditation, journaling or going for a gratitude walk. Positive thoughts tend to multiply, so even 5 minutes a day can have a great impact on your mindset.

Creating a confident mindset is the first step in creating a wildly successful launch. Take these steps to believe in yourself so you can inject that confidence into your marketing and become a client magnet!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
How has your mindset impacted your business? What strategies have you found most helpful for improving your mindset?

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