3 Reasons to Use Done-for-You Programs Instead of Starting from Scratch

As I’ve been sharing, offering a cleanse can help you quickly enroll clients in your health coaching business.

The reason is that a short cleanse, detox, or jumpstart program is what I call “an easy yes” offer.

I call it this because it’s low cost and low time commitment, which makes it easy for your clients to say YES to.

AND… it’s a great way for potential clients to get a taste of working with you and realize they want to continue working with you one-on-one.

Which makes it a very SMART thing to offer if you’re looking to grow your health coaching practice.

But just because it’s an EASY yes for your clients, doesn’t mean it’s an EASY thing for you to create.

You might wonder if you should create your own program or use a done-for-you program. This is something you might have mixed feelings about.

In this video, I share 3 reasons you should consider using done-for-you programs instead of creating your own group program from scratch.

3 Reasons to Use Done-for-You Programs Instead of Starting from Scratch

In this video I share how you can save months of time and stop losing thousands of $$ in your health coaching practice.


A lot of coaches want to create their own custom group program from scratch because they feel like they need to put their unique process & teachings into a program made specifically for their clients.

But creating a custom group program requires a lot of time, resources, and skills (like graphic design, copywriting, photography) that most health coaches don’t have.

The good news is that when you use a done-for-you option, you can launch a program in no time. Done-for-You programs come with everything you need to enroll and guide clients through a cleanse or detox.

Plus, most can be completely customized to fit you and your clients – or you can use them exactly as is.

If you’re debating between creating your own group program or going with a done-for-you option, in this video training I share a few reasons why you should consider the latter.

#1 You Don’t Have The Experience Yet

There’s no doubt that your health coach training taught you how to guide people to living a healthier lifestyle.

But if you haven’t worked with many clients yet, it may be too soon to create a custom group program from scratch because you may not know exactly how to package your knowledge into a program that gets clients quick results.

After all, one of the main reasons people are drawn to participate in a cleanse is that they know they’ll experience changes in a short amount of time.

Once you’ve worked with a lot of clients, you’ll have a much better idea of what questions and roadblocks come up consistently, where people struggle, what they’re looking for, and what works best.

When you know all of these things, you can more easily create your own group program with the right information, materials, and tips to help your clients be successful as they go through the program.

If you try to develop your own program without this knowledge, your clients may end up having a sub-par experience or not getting the results they were hoping for, which is going to impact your confidence as a health coach.

#2 Writing Your Own Group Program Is Time Consuming

Creating a program takes a LOOOOOOOONG time. I’m talking months.

It isn’t uncommon for coaches – even seasoned coaches – to spend 3 to 6 months creating a program.

A lot of coaches assume it won’t take very long to put what they know into a program, but there are so many aspects – some you may not have even thought of.

Researching Your Content

First there’s the research phase. This involves figuring out exactly what should be included in your program, what your clients want and need, and what else is out there already. If you’re a new coach, researching can eat up a lot of time.

Creating Your Program

Next there’s the creation phase. This includes writing and editing the material for the program as well as creating and testing recipes. You’ll want your program to cover the why’s and how’s, and guide your clients through every step of the process.

In addition to writing the materials, you want to make them look good.

When selling a program, you want it to be nicely designed and eye-catching to your clients. This really elevates the experience they’ll have working with you. Creating a beautiful program can involve using tools and software you may not have experience with – or you pay a designer to do it for you at a premium price.

Marketing Your Program

Next, you want to be sure to think about creating marketing materials. This can include graphics to promote your program, posts for social media, email sequences, flyers, blog posts, and a sales page.

Effective marketing materials will help you reach and enroll more clients into your program, but creating them on your own is a difficult task if you’re not a professional graphic designer, copywriter, and photographer!

Done-for-you programs are typically created with the help of a team.

When I created our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program, I brought in my designer, a whole foods chef, a recipe taster and food photographer, social media specialist, and drew on my copywriting, marketing and health coaching experience.

Every one of these phases can take months on their own. I often see coaches get caught up in details and go through perfectionism paralysis…and end up stuck and not launching.

#3 You’ll lose potential income

The time you spend creating your own program (remember – this could take months) is time you’re not enrolling clients.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example.

You use a done-for-you cleanse program that you sell for $97. You enroll 10 people in your first cleanse (modest number). Two of them sign up for one-on-one coaching at $997 for 3 months. So you just earned $2,964 in your first launch.

You could potentially launch your program two more times by the time your from-scratch program would be complete.

In our example, that’s almost 9K in lost income while you are slaving away trying to create your own program.

If you’re looking to make income from your business in the near future (which I know you are) it’s a much better use of your time to work on revenue generating activities, rather than get caught up in the details and grunt work of creating a program from scratch.

Launch Your Group Program In The Next 6 Weeks

Using a done-for-you program can help you launch faster and serve more clients.

You can use one as-is, or add in your own customizations like my client Nita, who focuses on fertility. She took our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program and customized it to create a Jumpstart Your Health & Fertility program. The options to make it your own are really endless!

Done-for-you programs are created by experienced wellness entrepreneurs and have been tested and proven to be effective. This means you know your clients will experience great results.

Plus, some done-for-you programs (like our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program) come with marketing materials to help you reach and enroll more clients without you having to write custom emails and create your own graphics.

Choosing a done-for-you program when you’re a newer health coach can mean the difference between struggling to get your business off the ground and jumpstarting your business so it will thrive!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Have you ever felt stuck trying to create your own group program? What roadblocks did you encounter along the way?

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