Springboard Yourself To A Successful Health Coaching Business

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Do you feel like you’re waiting for your big break to become a successful health coach?

You know, that thing that comes along and takes your health coaching practice to the next level?

Maybe you’re getting a trickle of clients. But you’re wondering what it will take to make this really work, and prove to yourself that health coaching can be a viable way to make a living.

You see stories of women going from struggling to successful health coach. And every time you see one of these stories you think… I want a health coaching practice like that!

But you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed. You’re not sure what you need to do to get to that next step.

So you pour your time into a smattering of marketing tactics. You spend hours and hours trying to grow your social media audience like the ‘experts’ say you should. Maybe you’ve even wondered if you need to get more certifications. You think that learning more will help you feel confident enough to put yourself out there, or that having more certifications will attract more people to work with you.

But here’s the thing – in order to start signing on clients and springboard yourself to a successful health coaching business, you don’t need more certifications…

You also don’t need thousands of Instagram followers.

And you don’t need to try every marketing tactic in the book.

To be a successful health coach, you need a program that you’re excited about – and that future clients are eager to sign up for.


A short cleanse or detox program is a great place to start.

When you have a low-cost group program that you feel proud to offer, this can be the thing that springboards you. The thing that takes you from struggling to a successful coaching business. The thing that finally takes you to that next level.

Because a cleanse or detox is a lower-cost, you’ll find it easier to start signing on clients.

Some of those clients will be motivated to continue working with you, which will allow you to sign on clients for your higher-priced 1:1 coaching program.

And as you help your clients and cleanse participants, they’ll spread the word about the amazing experience they had working with you and you’ll start getting word-of-mouth referrals.

Not only are you bringing in revenue, but your confidence soars. As you see people getting results as part of your program, think about how wonderful that will feel!

Brooke ArcherSee how this worked for one of our clients, Brooke Archer.

While Brooke was still completing her training to become a naturopath and a nutritionist, she wanted to start working with clients. She still had 10 months left in school, but she wanted to start helping people and bringing in some income.

“I was working and studying at the time, and I wanted to get my business off the ground and start getting my name out there.”

She decided with her hectic schedule, and lack of marketing expertise, that using our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse as her first program would be the best fit for her.

“I saw this as a really easy system that I could use to start generating income while I was doing everything else. The Ready-to-Launch Cleanse allowed me to feel like the professional nutritionist and naturopath I trained to be!”

In the first year of offering her cleanse, Brooke enrolled 50 people!

From there, 30% of those people have gone on to become one-on-one clients with Brooke.

Let’s pause for a little math break…

If you’re offering a cleanse at $97 and you enroll 50 people in one year, that’s $4,850.00.

And if 30% of those people go on to become one-on-one clients, and you charge $997 (roughly what I recommend a new coach should charge) that’s another $14,995. (15 people x $997)

That’s $19,805.00 in one year – while still in school!

On top of being able to earn this kind of income, offering a cleanse can do a lot more to springboard your health coaching business.

When I asked Brooke about all the benefits she experienced from launching her cleanse, she told me:

  • It got her name out among groups and helped her get the word out about her business beyond friends and family
  • She was able to practice with real clients – putting into practice everything she learned and actually helping people
  • It showed her potential clients how she could help them, since many people didn’t understand what she did. It brought her steady income coming in, and led to many one-to-one coaching clients
  • She even got one raving fan who is now consistently sending referrals her way. Already she has sent Brooke 5 new one-on-one clients and 2 or 3 people for her cleanse.
  • It gave her a major confidence boost, knowing that people were not only interested in what she was doing, but willing to pay to work with her. This boost in confidence – along with a boost in income – motivated her to put herself out there even more, and she continued to experience great results each time she did.

Brooke has become a successful health coach by offering her cleanse this past year.

Brooke’s results were fantastic… but they’re not uncommon! You, too, can see results like this by offering a cleanse program that you feel truly proud of.

Want to hear more about how Brooke successfully offered a cleanse or detox while still in school?

I interviewed Brooke on Facebook Live, where she shared the tactics she used to promote and enroll 50 people her first year offering the program.

Learn what worked for Brooke, so you too can become a successful health coach!

Click here to watch the Facebook Live.

Now I’d love to hear from you
How do you think launching a cleanse would springboard your health coaching business? Would it boost your confidence? Give you experience working with clients? Help you generate income? Where do you see the biggest benefit?


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