The Easier Path to Get More Clients

get more clients

Feeling lost about how to get more health coaching clients?

Want the easy button for jumpstarting your practice?

In this video, I talk about my experience as new health coach and a strategy you can use to get clients rolling in the door … even if you have limited time to work on your business.

One very effective strategy that will get you more clients and help you create a full practice is to offer what I call an “easy yes” program to your potential clients.

An “easy yes” program is something that’s easy for people to say “yes” to signing up for because it gets them quick results for a low investment of time and money.

A 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day cleanse, detox, or jumpstart program are perfect examples of “easy yes” programs.

One of our clients, Brooke Archer, enrolled 50 people in the very first easy yes program – which was a cleanse program.

In this video training, I talk about how you can make this a reality…even if you’re a new coach or have limited time to work on your business.

Because here’s the thing…creating all of the material to run a successful program can take months…and many of the health coaches I work with have limited time to work on their businesses, so every minute counts.

When you create a program from scratch, it means you’re spending a lot of precious time on content creation, which you may or may not have, and it also delays you from working with paying clients and earning an income.

Want the easy button to get more clients for your health coaching biz?

One reason Brooke had so much success with her cleanse is because she used a DFY program, in fact she used our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse.

With her hectic schedule, and lack of marketing expertise, Brooke knew that using a DFY program as her first program would be the best fit for her.

As Brooke shared: “I saw this as a really easy system that I could use to start generating income while I was doing everything else. The Ready-to-Launch Cleanse allowed me to feel like the professional nutritionist and naturopath I trained to be!”

Not only was she able to learn and implement everything in a short period of time, she was able to fast-track launching a program because a ready-to-launch cleanse is, well… ready to launch!

Had Brooke NOT used the program – had she decided to do it all herself and not ask for help – she might still be trying to figure out what to include in her cleanse program, how to write a sales page, how to create and design marketing materials, and how to lead clients through successfully.

By asking for help and using our done-for-you cleanse, Brooke was able to get her business off the ground while she was still in school, building up a roster of clients and referrals.

Instead of spending her limited time trying to figure out all of the marketing and business pieces on her own, she got the guidance and support of a mentor and community, and the templates and lessons she needed to implement everything quickly.

I know that you too can have a story like Brooke’s.

The best way to make your health coaching business a success, whether you’re offering a cleanse or not, is to get support.

When you get support, you can make the most of the precious time you have to work on your business.

You can have a clear path forward and quit wasting time struggling with the pieces you don’t know.

I love seeing how the coaches who use done-for-you programs grow exponentially once they get the help they need. They get everything they need to promote and lead a powerful program.. And they start to see their business grow.

When you invest in a done-for-you or ready-to-launch program it gives you everything you need to offer a proven program to your clients.

A GREAT ready-to-launch program also teaches you how to market your program, with done-for-you marketing materials you can use with ease.

They’re a great way to gain momentum in your business without having to start from scratch.

This is what’s going to happen for you when you follow the process I walk you through in this video training..

Tune in and learn how to get MORE clients in LESS time!

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