How To Create An Online Coaching Program With Technology You Already Have


Last week I shared the story of Brooke Archer, one of our clients. While Brooke was still in school, she was looking for a straightforward, easy-to-implement program she could offer… so she could get experience working with real clients – and begin bringing in some income. But she wasn’t sure how to create an online coaching program.

She decided to start by using our Ready-to-Launch cleanse program – and she enrolled 50 people in her first year!

This next part might really surprise you….

She didn’t have a huge following.

She didn’t have a dozen certifications (she wasn’t even finished her training yet!).

She wasn’t a technology whiz and she didn’t set up a fancy membership site to host her cleanse.

By using our done-for-you cleanse program, and the marketing kit that comes with it, Brooke learned how to create an online coaching program and was able to promote, fill, and lead the program with ease.

Doing this gave her the experience, confidence AND income she needed to jumpstart her health coaching practice.

Brooke’s story is a great example of why I recommend that new health coaches offer a cleanse. It can be the thing that truly springboards your business.

Are you interested in offering a cleanse, but feel concerned about the technology piece?

I get it. The idea of learning new technology can be overwhelming. But here’s the thing…

You don’t need to spend hours and hours learning new systems and tools to launch a successful cleanse.

You can launch a successful cleanse with technology you already have.

There’s absolutely no need to spend time and money building a fancy membership site. And you also don’t need a sophisticated or expensive shopping cart system. These things are not necessary for offering a great cleanse to your clients.

What you DO need are:

  1. A way for people to easily sign-up for your program
  2. A proven program to guide your clients through
  3. A way to support your participants during the program

So in this post, I’m going to share with you how to create an online coaching program with 5 key pieces of technology.. And the best part is – you’re probably already using some of them!

Learn the 5 KEY PIECES OF TECHNOLOGY you need to create an online coaching program.

How to create an online coaching program with
5 key pieces of technology

#1 Sales Page

When thinking about how to create an online coaching program, the sales page is the first thing many coaches get overwhelmed by.

Having a well-written, well-designed sales page will help you to get more people to sign up for your cleanse. A good sales page will clearly outline the benefits and results a client can expect from working with you, and get them excited about your program.

I know this can be daunting if you’re new to marketing your business. That’s why our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program comes with a sales page that’s written and designed for you. And we give you everything you need to set-up the page within minutes – and without being a tech guru.

If you’re creating your sales page from scratch, here are a couple of options for you:

With a landing page builder – You can quickly and easily build sales and landing pages, without any technical skills, using an amazing service called LeadPages.

Leadpages has a drag and drop editor and loads of templates to choose from, so you don’t have to hire a web designer to build your pages. This will save you money and allow you to set-up and edit pages really easily.

LeadPages offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can take it for a test drive and see what you think.

On your own website – If you already have a website you can create and host your sales page there, either by doing it yourself or working with your web designer/developer. If you don’t yet have a website, you can simply set up a domain name for your sales page, such as

If you have a WordPress website and you’re using Divi as your website theme, you can use the simple drag-and-drop style editor along with the sales page templates that come with it. Divi makes it very simple to create sales pages without using a designer or developer.

#2 A Way to Accept Payments

Accepting payments online is another part of how to create an online coaching program that can seem like a daunting thing to set up, but it is actually easier than you might think.

PayPal makes it very easy to accept payments online. You can set up a free business account in only a few minutes and add a payment link to your website, sales page, or emails. Your clients can pay through PayPal even if they don’t have an account (but if they shop online, they likely already have an account set up!).

#3 Email Marketing System

You’ll need a way to email participants both before and during your cleanse. You can do this one-by-one with your regular email account, but I recommend setting up an email marketing system. It will allow you to build your email list and grow your coaching practice long term.

There are a few popular email marketing systems for beginners such as Aweber and Mailerlite (which has a free plan). These systems allow you to create a list of people participating in your program so you can email only the people who’ve signed up. You’ll also be able to schedule your emails in advance so you don’t have to manually hit send on every single email.

You can email your program materials (guidebook, meal plan, shopping lists, recipes) to your participants, as well as motivational emails as they’re going through the program, and reminders about any calls or Facebook Lives you may be hosting to support participants during the program..

#4 High-Quality Content

High-quality content is critical to running a successful cleanse – the kind that gets your participants great results… and gets you word-of-mouth referrals and 1:1 clients. Your content should guide your clients through the program and give them everything they need to succeed.

Your program content can include a guidebook, workbook, recipes, sample meal plans and shopping lists. Keep thing fairly simple! You don’t need to provide dozens of handouts and worksheets for your participants to get great results from the program.

There is a LOT of work that goes into creating cleanse content looks nice AND that gets your clients results.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a design whiz to create most of it. If you’re using done-for-you content, like our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program Program, this piece has been handled for you. If you’re creating a program from scratch, here are some handy tools to create your content:

Microsoft Word or Google Docs – a word editing program is all you need to get started creating your content. Type out your content, format it with a nice font, and use headings and bullet points to make it more readable. Then turn your documents into PDFs so your clients don’t accidentally edit them or erase the content.

For Google Docs, click File > Download As > PDF.

Google Doc

For Microsoft Word, click File > Save as > select PDF. Alternatively you can click Print and select print as PDF.

Canva – Canva is a great tool for creating and designing visual content. You can use Canva for creating fun and attractive workbooks and guides. Canva comes with plenty of templates so you don’t have to start your designs from scratch.

Loom – Loom is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to create video recordings of your screen and you talking. It’s great if you want to create a walkthrough or explanation video.

#5 Facebook Group

Another critical aspect of offering a cleanse is supporting your participants. After all, they came to you because they need guidance to solve their health challenges. Your participants need more than just information, they need (and want) support. They want somewhere they can go to ask questions, share their struggles and their successes. This will give your clients the best possible experience working with you.

Facebook is actually the best option for this. And it’s free!

With a Facebook group you can provide support by answering questions, sharing motivational posts, and even doing Facebook live streams. You can also share the materials for your cleanse directly inside the group so everyone has easy access to them.

A side benefit of using Facebook groups to support your participants is that you’re creating a community of like-minded individuals that can also support each other during your program. It creates excitement, camaraderie and accountability among your participants.

Facebook Live

Facebook live videos give everyone in your group a chance to hear from you and get their questions answered.

And…Facebook is great for this because most people are already on Facebook! You and your clients don’t have to waste any time learning a new platform for communication and support. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it offers a variety of ways to keep in touch with your community.

Hopefully now that I’ve broken down everything you need to launch a successful cleanse, you see how doable this can be. You now know how to create an online coaching program!

If you feel like you still need some support to get off the ground with offering a cleanse, you’ll love what I have in store for you. I’ve got a free training I’m putting together and I’ll be sharing more details in a couple weeks!

Now I’d love to hear from you
Do you know how to create an online coaching program? Has the technology aspect been stopping you? Where are you hitting roadblocks?

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