3 Critical Elements To Getting Clients

3 Critical Elements to Getting Clients - Featured

Are you ready to put yourself out there, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to get the confidence you need to put yourself out there.
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7 Simple Things You Can Do To Overcome Your Fears Of Marketing Yourself

Overcome Fears of Marketing - Featured

It’s not surprising that the fear of self-promotion is so common. It’s scary to put yourself out there! If you want to have a successful business (and I know you do!), then one of the most important things to learn …
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How To Ease Your Fears Of Promoting Yourself As A Health Coach

Ease Your Fears of Promoting | Marketing for Health Coaches

It’s not surprising that the fear of self-promotion is so common. It’s scary to put yourself out there! In this post, I’m going to get tactical and break down each common fear that comes up and discuss how you can create a plan to promote yourself.
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Is This Fear Impacting The Success Of Your Business?

Your mindset has a HUGE impact on the success of your health coaching practice. In this post, I talk about one big mindset issue that coaches struggle with – the fear of promoting yourself.

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How 11 Successful Entrepreneurs Overcame Their Limiting Beliefs

Overcome Limiting Beliefs | Marketing for Health Coaches

I see new health coaches struggling with limiting beliefs all the time. They think they don’t know enough, or they don’t have enough experience. These beliefs can have a major impact on your business! In this post, I share how other women entrepreneurs and I have approached and overcome mindset issues.

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Do You Have Freedom As A Health Coach?

It’s true that being an entrepreneur can mean freedom. But it can also have the reverse effect. What I mean is that if we’re not careful, we can end up feeling encumbered by our business. In this post, I encourage you think about (and appreciate) the ways in which your business gives you freedom. Or, if you’re just starting out, the ways in which you want your business to give you freedom.
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