I wrote your free gift for you .. (it’s my gift to you)

Today, I am thrilled to give you a gift that I’ve been working on for a while.

I’ve created something that will help you build your list.

As you likely know by now, having a compelling free gift will allow you to…

… build your list
… quickly share what you specialize in
… build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience
….and, last but not least, convert new subscribers into paying clients.

If you’re like many of the coaches I speak with, writing your free gift feels like a daunting task.  You might be wondering…

…what should I write about?

…how do I structure it?

…how long should it be?

…how can I make it look professional?

…how do I create something that will lead people to want to work with me?

Have these questions, and a lack of time, left you at a standstill?

I’m about to help you get into action, because my team and I have created a free gift that you can promote on YOUR website to build YOUR list.

The entire gift is professionally written and designed for you, and I’m giving this to you totally free.

Am I crazy to give this to you for free?

I don’t think so. I know you have important work to do in the world, and I am committed to doing everything I can to make it easier for you to reach more people. Consider this my way of thanking you for creating positive change and for allowing me to be on this journey with you.

Hear what other health coaches have to say about this free gift….

“List building from heaven!  I am in love with this free gift. Not only is it stunning, eye catching and meticulously prepared, but the information is backed up by scientific research, what a plus!  I attract clients that demand to be mentored and educated in all things healthy and I know they will be all over this gift.  Hold on, my list is growing again!”
– Mari Carmen Pizarro

“As a nurse practitioner and wellness coach my standards for content that I will share with a client or patient are pretty high. I found Amy’s 5 foods free gift to be well written, informative and well researched. I especially value the ‘voice’ that she brings to her writing. It makes it accessible and very clear for a client to review and access.”
– Cynthia Thurlow

“Amy’s new free gift is really outstanding.  The layout is clear and professional looking, the images are beautiful and the copy is interesting and motivating.  I am proud to offer it to my clients!”
– Diana Rabin

This free gift can work for you, regardless of your niche.

List Building Starter Kit

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing exactly how to…

  • easily edit and customize this free gift so it will help you attract ideal clients.
  • use this to build your list.
  • get this up on your website, even if you’re not very technical.

I’ll be in touch next week to show you exactly how to easily edit and customize this free gift, regardless of your niche, so it will help you attract your ideal clients.

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