Why I Love Video Launches (Examples Inside)

This week I want to share:

  • what a video launch is
  • why you might want to consider one
  • examples of well-done video launches

What is a video launch?

A video launch is when you provide free content, in the form of videos, prior to promoting a program (usually a virtual group program).

You send people to a squeeze page where they can register to get access to the free videos. (I share examples below.)

There are typically a series of 3 videos that provide value to your audience, position you as an expert, and wet your audience’s appetite for more.

Often, there is a free teleseminar offered after the 3 videos are released.


Why you might want to consider a video launch

One of the main benefits of a video launch is the potential for list building. Two of my clients had video launches in the last year and in both cases they DOUBLED their list size.


Why are video launches so effective for list-building?

1) You can integrate Facebook comments on the video pages. This can expand your reach tremendously.

2) If you have an affiliate program, the free videos gives your affiliates something free and really juicy to offer their list.


Examples of well-done video launches:

There are a lot of business and marketing gurus doing video launches, but it is sometimes difficult to know how to translate this strategy into the health coaching world.

Check out the following 2 video launches from my clients, Richele Henry and Nina Manolson. I strongly encourage you to go to their squeeze pages and register for the videos.

Click here to access Richele’s video launch, “Sugar Detox Success Secrets.” It’s happening live!

Click here to access Nina’s video launch, “How to Get Your School-Aged Kids to Eat Less Sugar & More Veggies.” This video launch was created almost a year ago, but watch how Nina still uses it to grow her list and her coaching practice.


While you’d never want to copy their work, you can learn a lot by watching their videos, reading their email sequences, and seeing how they make an offer at the end.




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