How Do You Know What To Offer As A Health Coach?

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When trying to decide exactly what to offer your new clients as a health coach, it can be a bit overwhelming.

How many programs should you have?

How do you know what your clients are willing to invest in?

Should each program be completely different?

Group programs or one-on-one?

Should you do in-person or online?

There is so much to think about!

What you should offer depends on what feels good to you, and what will be enticing for your clients and get them results.

I’m going to share some of the best practices that I’ve seen work time and time again for countless health coaches I’ve worked with, and I’ll share my tips for personalizing this to fit you.

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Start With An ‘Easy-Yes’ Offer

No matter how many programs you are thinking about offering down the line, offering a short-term program – like a detox or cleanse – is a great place to start.

It’s called an ‘easy yes’ because it’s an offer so enticing, your ideal clients barely hesitate to join. This offer combines quick results, a low investment, and a short-term time commitment. It’s practically a no-brainer.

As a newer coach you might feel intimidated about selling a higher-priced program – or you might not feel confident in your coaching skills. Offering a short group program is a great way to start working with clients, experience them getting results, and start getting feedback about what else your clients are looking for.

The other reason I highly recommend offering a cleanse or detox is that it’s a great gateway to get clients into your longer term programs.

Many people in your cleanse will start to see results right away and they’ll want more support. Since they’ve already worked with you and liked the results they’ve gotten, they’re more likely to buy a higher priced offering than a complete stranger.

Ask your clients what they want

Building out your programs and offerings should feel right for you, but it also needs to be address your clients are looking for. A great offer speaks to the problems, pain points and goals of your ideal client.

When you understand what your ideal clients are looking for you can create packages that address exactly what they need. You might find that some prefer the short-term programs like a cleanse, while others want more support over a longer period for sustained results.

The best way to find out what they want is to ask them. There are a few easy ways to do this:

  • Create a short survey and send it to any past or current clients
  • Post your survey on Facebook
  • Ask a few people you know in your target audience if they’d be open to a coffee date or phone call to talk about it
  • Look through any intake forms or notes you have from previous clients you’ve worked with

Ask your clients about their biggest health goals, what’s stopping them, and what they struggle with. You can also ask about programs you’re thinking about creating to find out if they’d be interested.

For example, you could say “I’m thinking about creating a 4-week cleanse and exercise program for people with thyroid issues that would create ‘x’ and ‘y’ result. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

Remind them that it’s just market research and you’re not selling them anything. Gauge their reactions and ask about any objections.

Learning what people are unwilling to commit to is often just as important as learning what they are excited to sign up for.

Create your other offerings

Now that you’ve got intel on what your ideal clients are looking for, use that feedback to create your suite of offerings.

Creating 3 programs is ideal. This gives your potential clients different levels of support to choose from, but not so many options that they feel overwhelmed.

If all of your programs are serving the same niche, they don’t have to be wildly different from each other. You can have a low-cost short-term program, a medium-cost longer-term program, and a high-cost intensive or VIP program. I go into more detail about what each of these levels looks like in this post.


Your business is constantly growing and evolving. This means you can modify your offerings at any time to suit where you and your clients are at!

Whether that means you want to start doing more group coaching, you want to try running a program online, or you want to test out doing a group VIP day or retreat – the sky is the limit!

Creating an open dialogue and constant feedback loop with your current clients and your target audience will help you to know exactly what they’re looking for. You’ll never have to guess what you should offer again.

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Are you using feedback from your clients to shape the offerings you create? Has it helped?


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