What Questions To Ask In Your Survey (And How To Get People To Respond)

Last week I shared that the best way to create a program that is EXACTLY what your audience wants is to ASK them what they want.

I also shared that my favorite way to ask your audience what they want is through a survey.


Today I am going to share my favorite survey questions.


Survey Question #1:
If you could have anything you want from a Nutrition & Health Coach what would it be?

This is a wonderful question because it is very open ended. You are not leading your respondents with this question, so you will get honest responses that may be different than what you expected.

Survey Question #2:
What is/are the biggest thing(s) standing in your way to XX?

XX should be the area(s) you specialize in – weight loss, healthy digestion, feeding your family, etc. I love this question because the answers will drive what you offer in your program (key features) and how you market the program.

For example, if many people respond by saying the main thing standing in their way is accountability, then you will want this to be a big part of the program. You will also want to play that up on your sales page and in your promotional emails.

Survey Question #3:
Which of the following would you be MOST interested in receiving support with?

This should be a multiple choice question, but you will want to include all the possible areas you would want to support clients with. I also recommend including an “other” option.

This is one of my favorite questions because it asks question #1 in a different way. (This allows you to double check that the results are meaningful.) Because it is multiple choice, you can quickly see which topics are in highest demand.


Now that I’ve shared my favorite survey questions, let’s discuss how to get your audience to complete your survey.


1. Offer a free gift to everyone who completes the survey.
This will motivate people to take 5 minutes out of their busy day. Plus, it allows you to offer free valuable content that positions you as an expert.

2. Give a deadline.
In your emails, explain that in order to receive the gift, they must complete the survey by XX date. (This date should be 1 week after the first email is sent.)

3. Send out 2 emails.
We all need reminders! The second email should go out 6 days after the first email and remind your list that they have 1 more day to complete the survey and receive the free gift.


I’ve used this survey system successfully with many clients, and I can’t wait to hear it works for you.



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