What I learned in Dallas

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending Nathalie Lussier’s Off the Charts Live event in Dallas. I’ve been to this event the last 3 years in a row, and each year is better than the previous one. Sadly, this was Nathalie’s last year hosting the event (at least for a while).

I got so much out of the event, that today I’m sharing the key lessons I learned (or re-learned). If you’re like me, you can never hear important messages too many times :).

My key take aways….

Have you ever felt like you’re back where you started?

Nathalie Lussier shared that “life and business are like a spiral staircase.” While it may sometimes feel like you’re starting from scratch, you’re actually a higher level up on the spiral staircase. You will revisit the same situations and challenges, but each time you’ll bring new perspectives and experiences.

This message totally resonated for me. This comes up for me when I’m re-working my website or creating a new free opt-in gift. Nathalie shared, “The path to mastery is not a straight line.” Wow does that take the pressure off!

Are you a high-achiever and sometimes wonder if you’re on the right path with your business?

Licia Morelli, psychic, speaker and coach, helped us tap into the psychic abilities we all have within. Very woo woo, I know, but I loved it. Licia reminded us that when we feel or hear “ACHIEVE” to go back and tap into the feeling of GIVING.

This was a great reminder for me. I love taking action and moving projects forward, but I know that I bring my best to what I do when I come from a place of wanting to give. Coming from this place enables me to think outside the box, get creative, and over-deliver.

Having your own business can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, can’t it?

Liz DiAlto, founder of Wild Soul Movement, reminded us to let ourselves feel our feelings. They only last 90 seconds – if you let yourself feel it. I’m not one to shy away from a good cry, but I have to admit that I have a low tolerance to feeling down. If I’m not happy about something, I either quickly go into action mode to “fix” things, or I seek entertainment and cozy up with Hulu. I’m now practicing feeling things fully FIRST. After that I can go into action mode or relaxation mode.

Have a vision for your life and business, but it’s not coming to fruition?

Rachel Cook, founder of Yogipreneur, shared a personal story about how she and her husband travelled to Argentina a few years ago. They fell in love with the country and decided they would move there someday soon.

What a bold goal!

The idea of picking up my family and moving to another country seems impossible to me, but they were able to turn their vision into a reality by knowing their numbers.

Hearing this, I was brought back to the early days of my health coaching business. I was working a full-time job that I desperately wanted to leave so I could do health coaching full time. I had a goal of bringing on 10 clients before graduating from nutrition school. My plan was to reduce my full-time job down to 3 days a week once I achieved this, and then save a certain percent of my income and transitioning out of that job 2 months later.

I am certain that I was able to achieve those goals because I was clear about the number of clients I needed to have and the amount of money I needed to save.

While listening to Rachel, I realized that lately I’m not as good at knowing my numbers as I’d like to be.

Yes, I set goals and I keep track of my income and how much money I have in the bank, but lately I haven’t been connecting my LIFE GOALS to my FINANCES.

This was the inspiration I needed to sit down and really look at what it takes to support my family and live the life we want to lead, without financial stress. We don’t live a fancy life, but let’s face it, raising a family and eating healthy is expensive.

Don’t feel confident about what you have to offer?

Sarah Jenks, of Live More Weigh Less, gave a very practical tip. She suggests working with three pro bono clients for three months. This is a great way to witness the kinds of results clients get from working with you, and that’s truly the best way to build your confidence as a coach. Once you believe in the power of what you’re doing, your business will take off because you’ll be able to speak passionately to the value of what you offer. (If you’re already working with paying clients there’s no need to do it for free! But, if you have a new service or product you want to test out, you can use this strategy.)


Now I’d love to hear from you.
If one of these lessons resonate for you, please share below. I’d love to know how it relates to your life and business. Also share one shift you’d like to make in terms of how you operate in your business.

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