Website Tweaks Vs. Complete Overhaul

Do you LOVE your website? Unless you recently had a new site created, I am guessing that there are things about your website that bother you.

Your website may be a source of frustration because…

  • you don’t feel it full reflects your brand or personality
  • your free opt-in gift feels hidden and you know your list would grow if you made it more prominent
  • there is too much clutter – especially on your home page and website visitors don’t know where to look first
  • you don’t like the colors
  • you are not sure if you have the correct pages in the main navigation

If you’re not in love with your website, you may be wondering whether you should simply tweak your existing site or build a brand new website.

If you are a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and are using the free site given to you by IIN, you may be contemplating whether you should create a new site that offers more flexibility.

The truth is that whether you have an IIN site or a WordPress site, there are simple changes you can make RIGHT NOW that will be much less expensive than creating a brand new site.

I recommend you start by taking an audit of your website. What do you like? What don’t you like?

Here are 3 simple fixes to creating a website you can feel proud of:

You don’t feel that your website fully reflects your brand and personality.

Quick Fix: Have a new logo and banner created, and change the colors and fonts used throughout your website so they match your new banner and logo.

Your free opt-in gift is hidden (or non-existent) on your website

Quick Fix: Use the primary real estate on your home page to promote your free gift. You can do this even if you are using an IIN site. Click here to check out how we did this for one of our clients, Amy Marzluff.

You are not sure you have the correct pages displayed in the main navigation of your website

Quick Fix: Make a list of the pages you have currently. Add anything that you think is missing. Then, review the list and cross off anything that isn’t critical and combine pages where possible. (Note: the fewer pages, the better.)


I am a big believer that when you LOVE your website, it allows you to step out into the world of coaching with more confidence. It’s similar to going to a party wearing a dress you love. When you feel great in what you are wearing, you are happier, more confident, and you likely have more fun!

If you had a website you LOVED, you would not only build your list and convert more prospects to become clients, but you would likely feel more confident when speaking to potential clients, JV partners, networking, and talking about your business at gatherings with friends.

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