Want to market effectively? Always ask yourself THIS question…

This time of year, I am speaking with a lot of clients who are working on their website, launching programs, and creating their free gifts.

Are you also in creation mode?

Do you wonder if you’re creating the “right” thing?

Do you wonder how to effectively promote what you’re creating – whether that’s a free gift, private coaching services, or a group program?

Today, I’m going to share the one question you always want to ask yourself to ensure that your audience will want what you’re offering.

Here’s the question….

“What are the 2-3 things my audience says they struggle with most?” 

This is the key question you want to ask yourself when you are deciding…

  • what programs to create
  • what to name your programs
  • what free gift to offer
  • how to promote a program on your sales page or website

Note that the question reads, “…my audience says they struggle with.”

It is worded this way, because you want to zero in on what THEY identify as their main challenges.

For example, given all of your knowledge and expertise, you may know that your audience needs to slow down.  But, if your audience doesn’t identify with that as a need, then you wouldn’t want to create a program or free gift about “slowing down.”  You can certainly incorporate slowing down into your program, but you wouldn’t want to lead with that in your marketing.

The next time you are in creation mode, ask yourself one of these questions..

  • What are the 2-3 things my audience says they struggle with most?
  • What is the primary reason clients choose to work with me?
  • What do clients want my help with the most?


These questions are very similar to each other, but you may find that one of these questions is more effective at triggering a response.

What if you don’t know the answer to these questions?

When you are immersed in your business, it can be difficult to take a step back and answer these questions.

If you are having trouble zeroing in on what your audience struggles with the most, I suggest you….

  • ask your audience  – phone calls are a great way to gather this information
  • look at intake forms or health history forms that clients filled out
  • listen to what your clients are bringing up in your sessions

Have questions about how to ensure that your audience will want what you’re creating?
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