How I tripled my list in 6 months

This week I am excited to share an inside look at my business and how I’ve built my list – so you can do the same for your business.

I’m going to share how I built my list as a health coach as well as our Marketing For Health Coaches list.

It may not be the sexiest strategy, but it works.

In both of my businesses, a large percent of my list building has been through speaking. The speaking has been both local in-person talks and virtually, through teleseminars.

Let’s take a look at how I did this.

When I was a health coach…

Early on I partnered with a local company that offered bootcamp classes. For several months, I offered free teleseminars to their clients.  When their clients registered for a teleseminar, they joined my list. This was a big win for me as I was just getting started.

I also led live in-person talks one to three times each month. At each speaking gig, I brought a sign-in sheet and asked for people’s names and email addresses. I also asked if they wanted to sign-up for my newsletter and 95% of the time they checked off “yes.” While I wasn’t speaking to very large audiences, the numbers certainly added up over time.

Lastly, I offered several teleseminars and participated in a telesummit.

For Marketing For Health Coaches …

Speaking, through teleseminars/webinars, is the main way that I have been able to triple my list in 6 months.

My first speaking gig for Marketing For Health Coaches was a webinar that was promoted through a partner who has a large list.

I also spoke as a guest expert for a few other coaches’ programs.

Lastly, I offered teleseminars that I have promoted to you (my list), through social media, affiliates, partners and Facebook Ads.

How about you, my dear? I know you have important information to share, and there are people who desperately want to learn from you.


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