Clients Will Say “YES” to These Programs

Here’s a fact.

Your potential clients are looking for solutions to whatever they’re struggling with.

Whether it’s energy, emotional eating, sugar cravings, digestive issues, mental health, hormones, an autoimmune condition or any other health challenge.

And with all that’s going on in the world, your clients need you more than ever.

But you might be wondering, what programs will clients say ‘YES’ to?

Here are the top programs your clients will buy from you right now…


1️. Private Coaching Programs

3-month private coaching programs give clients hands-on support for a solid length of time, so they can truly make progress. This length is a sweet spot for both you and your clients.

2️. Group Cleanse Programs

People love short group programs like cleanses, because they provide a clear plan to follow, accountability, and community. And they are easy for people to say yes to because of their low cost and short time commitment.

And, once clients get a taste of working with you inside a cleanse, many will want to continue working with you more deeply… in your private coaching program…after the cleanse is over!

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