Tips for Your 2nd Most Important Webpage

If you have a website, chances are you are wondering if it is structured in a way that is working for you.


What do I mean by “working for you?”

For most health coaches the goal of your site is:

#1 to build your list

#2 to get people to sign-up for an initial strategy or breakthrough session with you


This leads us to the following questions:

#1 Is your website effectively building your list?

#2 Is your website effectively getting people to sign-up for an initial session with you?


Today, I want to share one way that you can increase your website’s effectiveness, and it’s one that will likely surprise you.


It is all about your about page.


Did you know that the about page is typically the second most visited page?

I was floored when I learned this and for many years thought the about page was fairly insignificant.

In this week’s article, I share how to get your about page working for you! (I also share the biggest mistake that people make on their about page.)


My tips for optimizing your about page:

Tip #1: Make the page about THEM vs. YOU.
Most people start their about page with their bio.  (When I was a health coach I made this mistake.) You can include a bio, but put this further down the page and start by speaking to your audience’s concerns. Click here to check out my about page and see how I do this.

Tip #2: Include an Opt-in Form
I already shared that the about page is the second most visited page on most sites. Use this to your advantage by including a way for people to join your list. You can see an example of this on my about page.

Tip #3: Include Success Stories
I recommend including 3-4 brief, yet compelling success stories that highlight your strengths and the transformation your clients experience as a result of working with you.

Tip #4: End With a Call to Action
You want to put your coach hat on here and lead them. What is it that you want them to do next? This can be an invitation to sign-up for an initial session with you or you can include another opt-in box.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about pages.  What changes do you want to make to your about page? What do you like about other people’s about pages?

Share your ideas and questions below.

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