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4 Critical Steps To Getting Referrals

The 4 critical steps to getting referrals

But what happens once you have a relationship with a referral partner? What’s the best way to actually GET referrals from them? There are 4 critical steps involved in getting referrals, but I often see coaches skipping one or more of these. I want you to create connections with partners that lead to you signing on more clients. So today I’m going to map out this simple 4-step process.
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How To Use Referral Partners To Grow Your Business

Using referral partners to grow your business, when done well, can be a business-changing experience. I’ve seen clients of mine end up filling their practice – or getting a steady stream of clients – from 1 or 2 strong referral partners. Learn who might be a good referral partner for YOU, how to find referral partners, and, how to approach referral partners (without cold calling).
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