Stuck on your niche? Try this…

My guess is that you know you should have a niche. But perhaps you’ve been struggling to figure out what your niche should be.

Often it can be difficult to settle on a niche, because it feels like there’s a lot riding on the decision. You may feel that this decision will make or break your success.

It is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out.

Before I share how to determine your niche, let’s define what the word “niche” means.

Your niche is a combination of who you serve (also known as your target audience) and the problem you solve.

This can be very specific such as “women in their 20s who struggle with emotional eating” or it can be more general “women in their 50s and 60s struggling with chronic health conditions.”

Now let’s circle back to the question of how to choose your niche.

One of the pitfalls that’s easy to make is choosing a niche that is popular, but doesn’t really resonate with you. To avoid this, ask yourself a few questions.

4 Key Questions to Ask

Who do you love working with?

These are the people who you find easy to work with and they get great results.

What do people continually ask you about?

Think about your friends, co-workers, people you meet networking and in the community and the questions that often come up.

What message or information do you want to get out in the world?

Think about areas you feel passionately about.

What is your story?

Often our niche is related to something we struggled with and overcame.

The answers to these questions are like puzzle pieces, that you can fit together to determine your niche.  By combining these different elements, you’ll be able to determine an area of focus that…

  • Is fun, easy, and comes naturally to you, so work is a pleasure
  • Taps into what people want, so you can easily enroll clients
  • Draws upon your passion and/or compelling story, which is what will keep you motivated and driven as you build your business

If it’s still feeling difficult to select a niche, keep in mind that you don’t have to marry one niche for the rest of your life. I encourage you to try one on and see how it fits. If it isn’t working for you or doesn’t feel right, go back and answer the 4 key questions above to get the juices flowing.

Have questions about choosing a niche?
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