Structure of an effective landing page

Today, I’m going to share what to include and how to structure an effective landing page. I’ll also share simple changes you can make to these pages, to boost their list building potential.

If the term “landing page” sounds like Greek to you, no worries. I know all the online marketing jargon can get confusing!  I promise to explain everything.

A landing page, also called an “opt-in page,” “squeeze page,” or “registration page,”   is a page where you promote something free that you are offering, such as a free gift or a teleseminar.

These pages include what is called an “opt-in box” where people can enter their name and email in exchange for your free stuff.

The purpose of a landing page is to build a list of ideal clients.

Here’s how to maximize the list building potential of your landing pages…

  1. Do not include navigation

    When people come to your home page, they should see navigation at the top of the page, which allows them to explore the various pages on your website.

    With a landing page, you want to keep your audience focused on registering (meaning entering their name and email). Including navigation will distract them from the free offer you’re making.

  2. Start with a compelling headline.

    Your headline should relate to what your audience is struggling with, or the results you free gift or teleseminar will get them.

  3. Make it clear that it’s free

    While you know that your teleseminar or free gift are indeed free, remember that your audience doesn’t know that. Without the word “free” prominently displayed, your audience may think this is something they need to pay for. Include the word “free” towards the top of the page and in the opt-in box.

  4. Include an opt-in box “above the fold”

    What this means is that you want people to see the opt-in box (where they will enter their name and email) without having to scroll down.

  5. Make the date and time prominent.

    In the case of a landing page to promote a teleseminar or webinar, remember to include the date and time of the event. Be sure to include the time zone aswell. Click here to see an example of this.

    If you’re promoting a free gift, let them know they’ll get free instant access. I like to do this in the button in the opt-in box. Click here to see an example of this.

  6. Include a 3D e-cover

    3D Book Cover-300If you’re promoting a free gift that’s a PDF, including a 3D e-cover of the free gift will get more people to opt-in because it makes your offer feel more tangible and valuable.

  7. Include a second opt-in box “below the fold”

    As people scroll down the page, the first opt-in box will be out of their view. Include a second, and possibly a third, opt-in box lower down on the page. This makes it easy for your visitors to opt-in, and that’s always a good thing!

  8. Tell them how this is going to help them

    Even though what you’re offering is free, you still want to “sell” it by sharing how this is going to help them and tell them exactly what they’re going to learn. You can work this into the headline, title, and some bullet points.

There you have it!  Now you can build and tweak your landing pages so they effectively get your message across and help you build your list.

Now I’d love to hear from you.
What questions do you have about landing pages?  Do you have a landing page you love, or one you’d like feedback on? Post it below.

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