The Exact Steps To Sign Up a New Client

Signing on new clients is such a thrilling experience, because it means you get to do your work and help people feel better.

And of course, it means money in the bank, which is obviously vital to having a business.

But you might be wondering… is there a specific process you should use to sign up and onboard new clients that works like a charm?

There is a magical process you can use again and again.

This process makes it so easy for your clients to buy from you and makes them feel welcomed and safe in knowing you’ve got things handled.

Want to know what this process is?

In the video below, I share the process I teach our clients inside The Abundant Health Coach – our business accelerator program.

Here are the 7 Steps to Signing On Health Coach Clients…

  1. Invite Potential Clients Into Initial Consults
    This is the vital first step, because people don’t sign up for coaching from a website. They need a change to get to know you and understand how you can help them.
  2. Have An Online Scheduling System
    This makes it easy for people to book a time on your calendar.
  3. Send Reminder Emails
    When you send out some well-crafted emails that people receive before their consult with you, it will warm them up and get them pre-sold on working with you.
  4. Have A Process For Leading Initial Consults
    This should be a process you love, that you feel confident about having, and that gets potential clients saying ‘yes’ to working with you!
  5. Have A Coaching Program That’s Enticing
    It’s near impossible to sign on clients if you don’t know what you’re offering. But when you have a program you love, that meets your ideal clients’ needs, you’ll sign on most of the people you speak to.
  6. Have A Way To Take Payment
    I know this sounds obvious, but I find often coaches don’t have this part set-up. (I recommend using PayPal.)
  7. Send A New Client Welcome Letter
    Think of this email as the final step in the sales process and the first step in actually working together.

Which steps do you have in place and which ones are you still working on? Let me know in the comments below.

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